The Mountain Goat.


The Mountain Goat 10-Miler is on Sunday… and I won’t be running. This was a tough decision. The Mountain Goat is the biggest local race, and it’s one that I’ve done very well at. In fact, I consider my 2014 Mountain Goat (57:21) one of my best races ever.

With that being said, I’ve had some quad issues over the last month. I also hurt my back/hip a couple of weeks ago. I wasn’t running at the time, but I always think these things are connected. Anyhow, this caused me to miss a week of running, and as an added bonus, I caught a cold. The universe is telling me to let this one go.

I’m definitely going to spectate and I’m sure I’ll have a little nostalgia. I’m trying to keep my eye on the prize – and the prize is a long, healthy running season.

ANYHOW, hopefully things start moving in the right direction.

Fun Fact: Getting old sucks.

Are you racing this weekend?

Do you know where I can locate a pet mountain goat?

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5 Responses to The Mountain Goat.

  1. Probably best that you sit that one out, even though it will be tough! I don’t know if a mountain goat would be the best pet… those horns are kind of scary. Little baby jumping goats (youtube it) however, now those are cute pets

  2. Getting old is hard…lol. No mountain goat handy for you, but I am running a half marathon on Sunday-#12 for me.

  3. Jessica @ VEGGIE RUNNING MOMMA says:

    Sucks that you wont be running it.. but probably best for you season and overall health.
    and steal one from the zoo.!

  4. I have my first race since November this weekend, a 10k. After much sickness and a back injury I’m finally able to run again. I won’t blow this one out of the water but I’m grateful to back out there.

  5. wanderwolf says:

    It does seem pretty lame, but it’s good to know you’re making a decision you feel you can stand by. It sounds like the right one.

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