Finding Traction Movie Review

Full Disclosure: I love running movies. I rarely watch one that I don’t like. In fact, Unbreakable is one of my favorite movies ever.

With that being said, I recently purchased Finding Traction. This is the story of ultrarunning star Nikki Kimball trying to become the fastest person in history (male or female) to run the 273-mile Long Trail in Vermont.


My favorite aspect of the movie is Nikki’s feminist take on running/ultrarunning. She recognizes that women are getting the short end of the stick, and she isn’t shy about discussing it. For example, she noted that when she won UTMB, the men were front and center in the news, and her victory was merely a blurb in the paper. At the same time, she is both encouraging and motivational to the next generation of runners.


I wish the movie included more about Nikki’s history of depression. I knew from other sources that it was a major part of her life. Since this afflicts so many runners/ultrarunners, it was something I wanted to hear more about (if you are interested in reading more about Nikki’s history of depression, Meghan Hicks wrote a great article last year called The Hope Seekers).

To watch the trailer, click here.

Here are the good folks that brought you this movie:


If you are interested in purchasing the movie, it is available through Montana PBS. Check back regularly, as video-on-demand options are coming soon.

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2 Responses to Finding Traction Movie Review

  1. Interesting! Might have to check this out. I’m not super feminist by any means, but I agree that men get WAY more spotlight. And they are usually faster, so that’s fine. But even with the Boston Marathon this past week, it seemed like every headline was about the men’s race and then only mentioned the female finish that was way more exciting (in my opinion).

  2. I really want to start watching more running movies, how motivating! Thanks for the recommendation, Findin Traction looks awesome 🙂

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