Beer, Bill Belichick and Broken Bones

Photo Credit: Bryon Powell (

Photo Credit: Bryon Powell (

First of all, the picture above has nothing to do with today’s post – but I think it’s pretty.

Anyhow, let’s get down to business.

An 8-Pack - Perfect For Two Beer Milers

An 8-Pack – Perfect For Two Beer Milers

The Beer Mile

As you may have heard by now, the World Record in the beer mile was recently broken. James Nielsen, a 34-year-old Canadian and former DIII champion at 5,000m, ran 4:57. According to Flotrack, his mile time was 4:21 (which makes his drinking time 36 seconds, or approximately 9 seconds per beer). For official beer mile rules, click here.

Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick

Bill returned home to Nashville to participate in the Nashville Country Music Half Marathon. Although it isn’t visible above, he wore bib number 34479. Bill finished in 2:36:46. I was unable to find an explanation as to why Bill was not running in a hoodie.

Krista DuChene

Krista DuChene

Krista DuChene

Krista DuChene was cruising along at the Canadian Half Marathon Championships in Montreal on Sunday. She was the returning champion and she owns the second fastest marathon in Canadian history. Then, about 500 meters from the finish, her leg broke. It literally broke. An undiagnosed stress fracture turned into a fracture of her femur at the point where it meets the hip. DuChene hopped and limped that last 500m and finished in 1:16:37 – still good for third place. The mother of three said she’d never experienced pain like that before – now that’s saying something! She now has a plate and three screws, but her goal is still to qualify for the Rio Olympics in 2016. I don’t think anyone will doubt her toughness!

Have you ever participated in a beer mile?

Have you ever seen a “celebrity” at a race?

What is the worst injury you’ve run with? Was it worth it?

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16 Responses to Beer, Bill Belichick and Broken Bones

  1. I don’t understand a beer mile, but I had some beer at mile 20 at Boston, does that count?

    I saw Team Hoyt somewhere along the course and then Shalane in DC, so that’s the closest I have come to a celebrity sighting.

    I ran with terrible, excruciatingly painful shin splints. No, it wasn’t worth it because it just made it worse! My friend finished her marathon this spring with two stress fractures – anyone who does that (or with a broken leg – OUCH!) deserves another medal of honor.

  2. Never done a beer mile, but it sounds interesting.

  3. Now I know what the beer mile is. Impressive and gross at the same time!

  4. 1. A mile with Bud Heavy is just plain impressive. 2. A sleeveless hoodie would have been more appropriate. 3. THIS is why I hate when coaches allow athletes to run with stress reactions and fractures which happens ALL the time at the high school level. No race in high school is worth an open fracture.

  5. irenejean says:

    I can’t imagine finishing a race with a broken femur, ow! The worst injury I’ve had while running is tendinitis in my foot. I was worried I broke something, but it was just a very inflamed tendon.

  6. piratebobcat says:

    Ha nice! I actually got 2nd place in a beer mile last summer. The race wasn’t a big stickler about the rules, so I drank Guinness. I think it gave me an advantage.
    I have seen some celebs at races. I still have an undefeated record against them. However Troy Aikman came the closest to me, I think I beat him by 10-15 seconds.
    The exact same thing happened to my friend – she was in a big race and her femur snapped from an unknown stress fracture. Had to get screws, etc put in. She said it was horrible.

  7. Wow that is crazy about her leg breaking. Oh my gosh. I got a stress fracture during a road race on my 21st birthday. I’ve never had pain like that either. (I stopped) but wow I cannot even imagine.

    We have a beer mile with work. I would probably be drunk after one lap….

  8. kyoung1986 says:

    I’ve run the Cincinnati Beer Run here where we do a 5k and have to chug beers at 5 different spots. Rough I tell ya. Beer being jostled around in your stomach for 3 miles isn’t pleasant.

  9. 9 seconds per beer?!?! Is that even possible haha. to break your leg and make it to the end, what courage. I can’t imagine!

  10. I hadn’t even heard of a beer mile… 9 seconds per beer? Crazy.

  11. Never done a beer mile but I’m down for a margarita mile!
    I’ve never seen a celebrity but do newscasters count?
    Knock on wood, I’ve never had to run w/an injury.

  12. I want to do a beer mile – I think I’d like it with IPA!

    You should drop a few minutes off your marathon time so you can say you ran twice as far as Bill, but in the same time.

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