Must Love Jogs: The Beer Edition


This is the first annual Must Love Jogs beer edition. Many runners – particularly trail runners – are known for their love of beer.

Matt Flaherty

Rob Krar

Sage Canaday

While I don’t drink much during the season, I definitely enjoy a nice brew now and again. My (current) favorites include:

X Double Indian Pale Ale (Middle Ages Brewing Company)

471 Small Batch IPA (Breckenridge Brewery)

Hi-Res (Six Point Brewery)

I know what you’re thinking. Trail running. Skinny corduroys. Tattoos. He must be a hipster. I prefer to think of myself as a hopster.

P.S. Beer sponsors, call me maybe.

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4 Responses to Must Love Jogs: The Beer Edition

  1. I love any beer post, especially one that involves hops. And hopster is an apt descriptor as well. Too bad we can’t set up a blog beer swap, what with the whole illegality of shipping beer. Hope you can enjoy the season, and perhaps a new brew or two.

  2. That 471 IPA is ridiculously good, and hard to find – only found it here once, about a month ago…

  3. We are trail runners and we LOVE beer! 🙂

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