The North Face Team Championships & Beer Mile World Championships Results


The North Face Team Competition

I was listening to Ultra Runner Podcast the other day and Ryan Ghelfi talked a little about a possible team competition at the North Face 50 this weekend. Basically, Ryan suggests taking the Top 3 from The North Face, Salomon, Hoka, Nike and “the rest” and scoring it cross country style (lowest score wins). Since there are limited numbers, he proposes scoring top 3.

Here is how the competition stacks up:

The North Face (Krar, Hamilton, Foote, Olson, Bowman)

Salomon (Lanne, Gates, Maravilla,Theodorakakos, Vollet, Castanyer, Houck)

Hoka (Shebest, Canaday, Wardian, J. Wolfe, Mackey)

Nike (Varner, Vargo, Kraft, Ghelfi, Z. Miller, Tollefson)

The Rest (Aish, Burrell, Gaffuri, Gellin, Arthur and many others)

Check out Ryan’s post here – and take a look at the comments – it seems like all the elites have some thoughts on this one!

Perhaps each of the teams could throw $1,000 into a pot (put up by the companies, not the athletes) and the winning team could divvy it up amongst the athletes.

If I were to speculate on this weekend’s race:

1) Krar (TNF) 1
2) Aish (other) 2
3) Vargo (Nike) 3
4) Tollefson (Nike) 4
5) Canaday (Hoka) 5
6) Hamilton (TNF) 6
7) Olson (TNF) 7
8) Houck (Salomon) 8
9) Varner (Nike) 9
10) Dylan Bowman (TNF) 10

1) North Face 14
2) Nike 16
3) ???

For more on the subject, check out this post from Eric Schranz (Ultra Runner Podcast).

How do you feel about a team competition for ultras?



The Beer Mile World Championships (Results)





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3 Responses to The North Face Team Championships & Beer Mile World Championships Results

  1. I’m so excited to see how these guys do at North Face this year – I’m also seeing a bunch of them speak at Sports Basement tonight!

  2. Dan Button says:

    I really like the idea of team scoring at TNF 50. Makes me really want to get a team ultra event together. Even a 50k would be a super cool challenge.

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