The Syracuse Festival of Races

The Syracuse Festival of Races was yesterday. This is not your average 5k. The race includes the USA Masters 5k Championship. It draws the very best age-groupers from around the country.

First, let’s start with the overall leaders. This video is right near 2.5k. Joe Whelan, Gregory Mitchell and Andrew Foxenberg are top three at this point, and that is the order they finish in. Joe hit 2.5k in 7:18 and finished in 14:56.

Joe Whelan Racing to the Finish photo credit: Kevin Rivoli

Joe Whelan Racing to the Finish
photo credit: Kevin Rivoli

As far as the ladies, Syracuse University alum Sarah Pagano took it to Jen Rhines right from the start. She hit the halfway mark in 7:45 and Rhines was three seconds back. Hannah Davidson was another six seconds back in third place. They would also go on to finish in this order. Pagano’s winning time was 15:54.

Sarah Pagano Finishing Strong photo credit: Kevin Rivoli

Sarah Pagano Finishing Strong
photo credit: Kevin Rivoli

Jen ended up running 15:58 and she missed the American masters record by about ten seconds. I’m sure the three-time Olympian will keep at it. Maybe she’ll even be back in Syracuse next year!

Jen Rhines Catching Her Breath After the Race photo credit: Kevin Rivoli

Jen Rhines Catching Her Breath After the Race
photo credit: Kevin Rivoli

While the leaders are always fun to watch, the beauty of this race is not in the front. The real action is in the middle, where age-groupers are going for personal bests, American records and even world records. Here’s a little sample of the results:

Mark Zamek, 51 – 16:27
Ken Youngers, 58 – 16:49
Tom McCormack, 61 – 16:58 *** top AG performance of the day and an American Record
Lloyd Hansen, 66 – 18:46
Doug Goodhue, 72 – 19:43
John Elliott, 76 – 23:32
John Harper, Jr. 81 – 26:38
Willis Moses, 88 – 34:17

Marisa Sutera Strange, 51 – 18:32
Nancy Stewart, 58 – 19:38
Coreen Steinbach, 63 – 21:38
Sabra Harvey, 65 – 20:27 *** an American Record
Jan Holmquist, 70 – 22:16 *** an American Record
Libby James, 78 – 24:00 *** top AG performance of the day
Anny Stockman, 82 – 35:46

I also have to give a shout-out to one family team. The sister-sister combo of Elizabeth Lucason and Morgan Lucason beat all of the brother-sister, brother-brother, mother-daughter, mother-son, father-daughter, father-son and spouse teams. Fine, no big deal. But it is a big deal when you consider that Elizabeth is only 10 and she ran 18:57 and Morgan is 11 and she ran 20:12. Wow.

For full results, click here.

Which of these times do you think is the most impressive?

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11 Responses to The Syracuse Festival of Races

  1. Beth says:

    No idea, but the women’s master’s winner is my friend’s sister:

    And that’s pretty damn impressive in my book.

  2. I always find it awesome when someone in her 60’s could beat me in a race. Impressive ladies.
    But most impressive might be the Lucason siblings- smoking fast for how young they are!!

  3. bpangie says:

    When I feel like having my ego deflated, I’ll make sure to sign up for that one… Haha.

  4. WalkToRio says:

    All the times are great, but the ladies’ are just impressive.

  5. emmelineruns says:

    Holy cow! Remind me not to ever run that one. Those are crazy impressive times!

  6. emdoesthings says:

    The kids! That’s so inspirational and motivating!

  7. Heather says:

    Umm I personally thought the woman who finished 3rd in the 30-34 age group was most impressive … but that’s probably a biased opinion 😉

    The Lucason girls are incredible though. And this race is pretty humbling AND inspiring – where else are you gonna get your butt kicked by females both 20 years older and younger than you?!

  8. Maria Mintz says:

    Nice that you gave a shout-out to the sisters!

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