Wineglass Marathon (Corning, NY) – Race Review

The 2013 Marathon & Half Marathon Medals

The 2013 Marathon & Half Marathon Medals

Location: Corning, NY

Date: October 5, 2014

Race Organization: four stars

The website for the Wineglass Marathon can be found here. The site has most of the information you need pertaining to registration, the course, schedules, etc. Packet pickup is a pretty smooth process and you won’t have any problems on the morning of the race. In fact, you are able to wait indoors near the start, which is nice because it can be chilly in early October!


One issue people have had is that the Expo is at one location (in 2014, the Corning Museum of Glass) and the champagne/glass pickup is at the Corning Info Center, approximately one half mile away. This is a little strange – however, the info center is located on Market Street – you will get to check out the local restaurants and the finish line of the marathon!

Cost: three stars

The cost of the marathon is $100 through the end of May. It is $110 through the end of June. Finally, it is $130 through October 1st.

** There is also a half marathon that costs $90, $100 and $115, respectively, for those same registration periods.

I think this is a bit high. However, I did not give two stars because most other costs in the Southern Tier (hotels, restaurants, etc.) are relatively low.

Course: five stars original


I love this course. It is quite fast. Check out the elevation chart below:


Not only is it fast, it is also really pretty. October in the Southern Tier is a great time of year and you will be able to enjoy the scenery mile after mile! This is definitely a PR course and you will not find an easier Boston qualifier.

Swag: four stars

You get a race shirt, a glass, champagne and a very unique finisher’s medal – not bad!

Other: four stars

Weather: The weather is usually perfect for running this time of year. Usually.

Book your hotel room early! In the past I’ve had trouble getting a room as the race date approaches. If you plan on staying in the Corning area, there are several choices. If you plan on staying near the start in Bath, there are fewer choices. I stayed at the Microtel one year and it was fine. It’s right down the road from the start and it was clean and quiet.

The race is on my birthday!! If I decide to run it this year (always a possibility), I expect you to bring presents!


Even though this race is not in a big city, there is plenty to do!! The marathon website has several ideas and there are a lot more activities in nearby Ithaca, NY. If you do make it to Ithaca, be sure to check out Finger Lakes Running & Triathlon.

Overall: five stars original

This race gets five stars because it is fast, fast, fast. It is also a pretty race and it is still relatively small – something I prefer. Finally, it is a scenic race and it will bring you to New York’s Southern Tier, an area that you otherwise might not visit.


The race has changed a tiny bit since the last time I ran it (2008). For example, both the start and the finish are slightly different.

In addition, I may be biased toward this race since it is the first time I broke three hours in the marathon – and since it sometimes falls on my birthday.


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13 Responses to Wineglass Marathon (Corning, NY) – Race Review

  1. leerunsdistances says:

    Nice read!! I listen to a podcast called Marathon Training Academy and first heard about Wineglass there. The word on the street is that its a crazy fast course, great for Boston qualifying!

  2. emmelineruns says:

    I’ve always heard good things about this race! I wish it wasn’t such a long drive from me so I could justify driving all the way there for a PR 😉

  3. masher52 says:

    I registered for the marathon a couple months ago and I can’t wait for this race. I used to vacation in the area, and I agree it’s beautiful and the wineries are perfect if you have a few extra days to stay and visit. I’m definitely looking forward to a PR on this course!

  4. Wineglass really is a great race. Has that small town feel but at the same time they know what they are doing and it’s a fast course. I really enjoyed running it last year and I know I will be back eventually. Although this year I will be spectating!

  5. You just knew LOLZ is doing it right? I am excited for WG and glad you posted about it.

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