Tipp Hill Shamrock Run (4 miles) – Race Review


Location: Syracuse, New York

Date: March 8, 2014

Race Organization: four stars

The Shamrock Run has a pretty decent website (http://www.tipphillrun.com/index.html), multiple packet pickup dates/locations, a semi-indoor staging area for before and after the race and a well-marked course closed off to traffic. My only criticisms, and they are both small ones, are in the past, packet pickup has been very crowded and race-day parking has been a little tricky.

Cost: five stars original

If you register by February 28, it is only $20. Even if you register the week before the race, it is only $30. Basically, that makes it one of the most affordable races around.

Course: five stars original

This course is… well, I’m not sure what the right word is. Here is the elevation chart:


Basically, right after the start, you drop over 100 feet in the first mile. You get about 70 feet back in a hurry before giving that up. Then starts the big climb. Just before the 2.5 mile mark, you start a gain of 150 feet that lasts for nearly one mile. Finally, you get a reprieve, as the last half mile (plus) is relatively flat. Don’t be fooled by the hills though – this is not a slow course – more on that below.

Swag: four stars

Basically, you get a short-sleeve tech shirt. Hey, the race is only $20, what do you expect?!

Other: four stars

As I mentioned above, this course is actually pretty fast! In 2012, one of the faster years, 5 guys ran under 21 minutes over the four-mile course, and twenty-five people ran six-minute miles or faster. If the weather cooperates, it is a good opportunity to run fast relatively early in the year.

Overall: five stars original

This race is a fun event and it attracts more people every year! Last year, there were almost three thousand runners! There are people cheering outside the bars along the course and lots of runners head out for post-race beverages. This is a race that I definitely recommend to others.

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2 Responses to Tipp Hill Shamrock Run (4 miles) – Race Review

  1. Wow! 4 miles in under 21 minutes… this blows my mind!!!


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