Green Lakes 50K (Before – Part II)

This is going to be my last post before the Green Lakes 50K. I will be back on Saturday (or Sunday) with results and the winner of the shoe giveaway! Since my last post, the weather forecast has gone to sh… it’s gone downhill. It’s now looking like rain and 90% humidity. Oh well, you have to play the hand you’re dealt! Obviously, everything shown below is to scale.

Race Attire & Accessories

Inov-8 Hot Peak 60 Hat


The North Face Better Than Naked Singlet


The North Face Better Than Naked Shorts


Inov-8 Roclite 282 GTX


Nathan SpeedDraw Plus


Timex Watch

I do race with a watch. Think old school. Think Timex. No GPS. No elevation. No HRM. Unfortunately, my watch was too shy to be photographed.

Race Hydration

Generation UCAN and Infinit Jet Fuel


Race “Food”

VFuel and GU Roctane


If you didn’t watch this on my blog yesterday, watch it today – it’s hilarious!!

What are your plans for this weekend?

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Green Lakes 50K (Before – Part I)


The Green Lakes 50K is on Saturday! I’m doing a two-part preview. Today’s post will focus on the race and tomorrow’s post will focus on my shoes, outfit, nutrition, hydration, etc.

The forecast for Saturday is looking good! The high will be 78 degrees and the humidity will be around 68%. I’m hoping to finish before the temperature gets anywhere near 78!

There are currently 108 people registered for the 50K. The list of entrants is available here. There are 27 people registered for the 100K. The list of entrants for the 100K is available here.

Last year, I ran 3:37:26, which was the 64th fastest 50K in the country.


I’m definitely looking to improve on that this year. The course record is 3:28:27 and I’d be lying if I told you I haven’t been thinking about it. In case you’re wondering, that’s 6:42/mile. For 31.1 miles. On trails. Needless to say, it won’t be easy!

Speaking of the course record, Michael Daigeaun, who has the record, will be racing the 100K on Saturday. It’ll be fun to watch him drop an amazing time on the 100K course.

I’m excited to see how things play out and I’m looking forward to the shoe giveaway.

I don’t race with music, but I do listen to music on the way to races. I try and find a decent song to get stuck in my head. For this race, I’ve selected Bleeding Out by Imagine Dragons.

Other recent pre-race favorites include: Radioactive (Imagine Dragons), Wake Me Up (Avicii) and Burn (Ellie Goulding).

Check out my other posts on this race: here and here.

What do you like to listen to on the way to races?

Also, for a good laugh, check this out:

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I’m racing on Saturday, and since I’ve already written about tapering, I thought I would write today about carb-loading. I think this is a good topic because it is one more component that will affect race-day performance.

Clyde Wilson works at the Sports Medicine Institute in Palo Alto. SMI has worked with athletes such as Ryan Hall, Noah Ngeny, Magdalena Boulet, Jen Rhines, Meb Keflezighi, Bob Kennedy and Lauren Fleshman. Clyde also lectures at Stanford and UCSF Medical School.

Ryan Hall, in his book Running With Joy: My Daily Journey to the Marathon, pretty much summed up Clyde’s thoughts on carb loading:

“Dr. Clyde taught me that when carbo-loading, my body can store only about 400 extra calories from loading the day before, so there is no point in adding more than this amount to my typical intake. I also learned to spread the load over the two or three days before a race.”

Clyde suggests doubling your carbohydrate intake for one day and spreading it out over six equally-sized meals instead of three.


Hal Higdon generally agrees. In Smart Running: Expert Advice On Training, Motivation, Injury Prevention, Nutrition and Good Health, he says:

“When someone mentions the term “carbo-loading” today, I often feel obligated to explain that it doesn’t work the way science once thought that it did and that they’re better off carbo-loading by adding carbohydrates the last three to four days before the race.”


Magdalena Boulet, a 2:26 marathoner, says she has tried it all. However, this is her current approach:

I don’t put myself through a carb depletion phase because I didn’t like the way I felt during the depletion phase (lethargic, irritable and couldn’t concentrate). I prefer to use the latest method research that suggests you eat your normal diet all the way up until three days before the marathon race (my normal diet includes up to 60% cabs). Right after my last workout before the race, which is always 3 days out from the race, I switch to a higher percent carbohydrate diet (70%) and maintain it until the morning of the race.

Again, just like with anything related to running, you want to try this out prior to your race. Personally, I will say that I have found the approaches outlined above to be effective.

What are your thoughts on carb loading?

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Grand Opening of the Must Love Jogs Store!!

Great news, everyone. The Must Love Jogs store is now open for business!! You can reach the store by clicking the tab above or by clicking here.

The store is now selling stickers (see below), with more items to come in the near future.

Any questions? Just ask!

Happy Shopping!!

(Also, if you haven’t entered my shoe giveaway contest yet, enter now! The contest closes Friday at noon).

3" Circular Sticker

3″ Circular Sticker

3" x 4.5" Oval Sticker

3″ x 4.5″ Oval Sticker

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HOKA Mafate Speed Review


This is definitely the best pair of HOKAs that I’ve tried. They are fairly comfortable and they feel well-made. HOKA says these shoes can be used on a variety of terrain (more on that later).


These shoes have a fairly narrow toe box – slightly narrower than the average shoe. I’m still waiting for HOKA to start making shoes in widths. They have a flat tongue that pairs nicely with the HOKA lacing system. There is also a harder piece (plastic, I think) that holds the heel firmly in place (see picture below).


The size 10 weighed 12.0 ounces on my scale. These shoes have a 36mm heel and a 30mm forefoot – a 6mm drop (HOKA claims it is a 4mm drop).


My one criticism of this shoe is the sole. There are black lugs that are on each side of the forefoot and on the outside part of the heel. The lugs are made of hard rubber and they are well-suited for trails. However, the majority of the sole has smaller blue lugs that are quite soft. I don’t think they would hold up well on a trail where traction is a priority.

I agree with HOKA that these would work well on a variety of terrain. They can definitely be used on roads and some trails. However, I would be reluctant to take them onto very technical trails because of the issue with the lugs.


– comfortable
– well-made
– great lacing system

– narrow toebox
– too many soft lugs
– $170!!!

These shoes are available at Running Warehouse by clicking here.

Check out another review below:

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All The Cool Kids Are Going to Central PA

Central Pennsylvania is hopping this weekend!! First, in Williamsport, the LLWS is underway and Mo’Ne Davis is taking the mound at 3pm today (shown on ESPN). I know this isn’t a running story, but it’s too good to pass up!

Check out the science behind Mo’Ne’s pitching here.


…and now back to running. Eastern States 100 is just down the road from the Little League World Series. It starts/finishes in Waterville, PA.


This course is one really big loop that is almost entirely singletrack. It features over 20,000 feet of ascent/descent – and this includes some real quad-busters!! The list of registrants has a few familiar names, and I’m picking Ashley Moyer and Joshua Finger to win it. I think this is going to be an extremely popular race in the coming years and I’ll try and post a link with results, when they start to become available.


Full results of the Eastern States 100 are available here.

Will you be watching the Little League World Series?

What are your running plans for this weekend?

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Mo’ People Mo’ Problems


The New York Times has a story today called The Downside of Running With Others. It’s a nice story that highlights some of the pros and cons of running with other people.

Personally, I like to run alone. As far as I’m concerned, the less people around, the better. This is true for training and racing. Perhaps, it is even one of the reasons that I prefer trails to roads. I have no issue running 31 miles – or even 50 miles – by myself. No running partner. No music. No podcasts.

People shouldn’t take it personally. It doesn’t mean that you aren’t my friend. It doesn’t mean that I don’t like you. Seriously, it’s not you, it’s me.

Maybe I’d go faster running with other people. Maybe I’d run for longer. However, at the same time, maybe I wouldn’t get what I want out of the run.

Pros of Going Alone:
– speed up whenever I want
– slow down whenever I want
– stop whenever I want
– no talking
– no listening

Cons of Going Alone:

There you have it!

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