Woo Hoo!


It was a beautiful day yesterday and I stuck to my plan to run a hard mile in the middle of my workout. I was really hoping to break five minutes and… I did it! I ran 4:58. I split 2:27/2:31, so I was slowing down a little bit. However, I have no complaints! I might even try it once more if there is another warm day.

What is the most recent workout goal you set for yourself? Did you complete it?

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Week In Review


I posted a short while back that I’m going to adopt a new format on my blog for 2015. Basically, I’m going to post once a week, and it will cover topics such as:

The News
My Upcoming Races
My Training (including at least one workout per week)
Race Recaps (when applicable)
Shoe/Equipment/Nutrition Reviews

So this is my trial run…

The News

The Philadelphia Marathon was this past weekend. Dan Vasallo took the win for the fellas (2:17:28) and Leonora Petrina came in first for the ladies (2:40:00).

The 100K world championships were held Friday in Doha, Qatar. Max King (6:27:43) was the overall winner and led the United States to the men’s team title. Ellie Greenwood (7:30:48) was the top woman and she led the U.K. to the women’s title.

Max averaged 6:14/mile for 62+ miles and set a new American record. Max can add that to his list of amazing accomplishments in 2014 (1st at Ice Age, 4th at Western States, 1st at Warrior Dash world championship, etc).

The NXN regionals (high school cross country) have been taking place. The New York regional is this Saturday and I expect Fayetteville-Manlius to dominate. The girls finished 2-3-4-5-6 at the New York state meet and the boys were 1-2-3-6-12… really impressive stuff. The girls are currently ranked #3 in the country and the boys are #1.

NCAAs (Cross Country) were on Saturday and the favorites prevailed. Michigan State took the women’s title (Michigan State’s first women’s national championship in any sport) and Colorado prevailed on the men’s side in a dominant performance.

The Syracuse men were 5th and the women were 24th overall.

Edward Cheserek and Kate Avery took the individual titles, as most expected.

My Upcoming Races

None! However, I do have a few dates on my calender – they are registration dates!

December 6 – Cayuga Trails 50
December 15 – CNY Springtime 10k
January 1 – Finger Lakes Fifties

My Training

My training has been great! This is an easy couple of months for me so I’ve been toying around with some new ideas. Lately, I’ve been incorporating lots of hills! I ran 40 miles last week, but I covered over 5,000 feet of vertical. I think this is definitely something I was missing in 2014. I’m going to keep this up and see how it plays out in my workouts/races.

And… today is summery! It’s been cold lately. It hasn’t been extremely cold, but it’s definitely felt a bit like winter. Not today though – in fact, it might hit 70 degrees and break a record that has been around for over 80 years! To celebrate, I’m going to drop a hard mile in the middle of my run today. 5:30? 5:20? 5:10? 5:00? I’ll let you know!


That’s about it for now! Thanks for reading. I’ll be back soon with more exciting info :)

Keep running!

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Run Steep, Get High.


As I’ve reflected on the past year, I’ve decided that I do not run enough hills. Sure, I got them here and there – it’s not exactly flat around here. However, I did not get enough of them and it was apparent in some of the races I participated in. In fact, I think I was lacking more in the downhill department than the uphill department.

To remedy this, I am implementing a new strategy for 2015. I am going to get in at least 100 feet of vertical for every mile I run. 5 miles = 500 feet, 10 miles = 1000 feet, etc.

I’ve already started so that I can get an idea of what I need to do. The chart above was a 6-mile run that included 800 feet of vertical. Not bad! Unfortunately, it means lots of little loops and/or repeats. That’s okay – I think it will pay off in the long run (LOL, I’m so punny).

I should be able to cover approximately 3,000 miles next year – that would be 300,000 feet of vertical. That is way higher than this guy:

Do you seek out hills? Do hill-specific workouts? Avoid hills? Get high in other ways?

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What’s New?

I know I haven’t been blogging as much lately – but there are a few stories over the last few days that I think are noteworthy.


The organizers of the Badwater 135 ultra announced over the weekend that the race is going to return to the original course in the Badwater Basin at Death Valley National Park. Apparently, the course has been deemed “safe.”

Traci Falbo

Traci Falbo, who I’ve written about before, set a new American trail record for 100 miles. She ran 14:45:25 at Tunnel Hill. That was about 12 minutes faster than the previous record (Jenn Shelton). Wow. Not surprisingly, Traci was the overall winner (over an hour in front of Troy Shellhamer).

The Weather

The weather is insane right now for about half of the country. It is really cold, and in some places, really snowy. The Buffalo, New York area is getting hit with as much as five feet of snow (yes, you read that correctly). The area just north of me is also getting several feet. There are still several races left on the calendar for this year (including the last race in the Peter Glavin XC Series) – they should be… interesting.


Wesley Korir has introduced a bill in parliament in Kenya that would make doping a crime (it would be a crime for athletes, agents and doctors that assist athletes).

OMG, OMG, The Cuse is in The House!!

The final men’s cross country coaches poll is out and Syracuse is ranked number two in the country. The Orange ran by Oregon and trail only Colorado (see what I did there?).

Colorado is only the 2nd team in the last 18 years to be a unanimous #1 for the entire season. The last team with this honor curse was Wisconsin in 2006 – they lost at NCAAs.

Syracuse won the national championship in 1951 and finished 4th in 1957 – can the Orange pull off the upset on Saturday? The forecast is for rain and wind – perfect XC weather :)

Have you seen any interesting running news lately?

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Movie Reviews


I recently had the opportunity to check out two great running movies. Here is a quick review of each, but I encourage you to check out both of them on your own!

Western Time (see below)

This short film by Billy Yang features the story of Sally McRae at this year’s Western States. The movie is less than half an hour. It gives you some great shots of Western States, and it has some nice (and heartbreaking) background on Sally. For more on her story, click here. And here.


Transcend is the story of Wesley Korir. The movie depicts his rise to running greatness. It then follows along as he tries to win a seat in the Kenyan parliament. The movie includes great clips featuring Haile Gebrselassie, Ryan Hall and others. The movie is approximately one hour and twenty minutes. It is available for purchase or you can rent it on iTunes ($3.99 for SD or $4.99 for HD). I have included the trailer below.

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Must Love Jogs: 2015


I am approaching my one-year anniversary of blogging – woo hoo! I’ve been on the fence about 2015. Blog more? Blog less? Stop blogging? Decisions, decisions…

I have decided that I’m (probably) going to continue blogging. However, I’m going to use a new format in 2015. My plan is to post once a week. In that weekly post, I will include:

The News

My Upcoming Races

My Training (including at least one workout per week)

Race Recaps (when applicable)

Shoe/Equipment/Nutrition Reviews


How has your blog changed over time?

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The Fruitarian Experiment: Day Two


3 apples


3 oranges


2 lbs. of carrots


3 pears


1/2 pineapple
1/2 cantaloupe
1/2 lb. of broccoli

I finished up my two-day experiment with fruitarianism. It went well. I found that it is a lot easier to get enough calories than I thought it would be. The carrots were a little rough, but maybe I just overdid it with the quantity. Also, I need to get bananas and watermelon in there next time!!

I am definitely going to do a longer trial with this diet in the near future. This was pretty much my test run. I’ll have more details on that soon!

Have you been eating enough fruits and veggies?

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