2016 Goals

  • Finish the Zion 100-Miler
  • Top 10 at Cayuga Trails 50-Miler
  • Run a fast 5k
  • Run a fast 50k
  • Run with Strong Hearts Vegan Power at the Adirondacks Ragnar Relay

  • Finish the Oil Creek 100-Miler

    2015 Goals

  • Run under 8 hours at Cayuga Trails Shoelaces
  • Finish the Virgil Crest 100-Miler IMG_0195
    (did not start)

    2014 Goals

    • set a half marathon PR Shoelaces
    • run under 60 minutes at the Mountain Goat (10 miles) Shoelaces
    • finish run well at the Cayuga Trails 50 Miler Shoelaces
    • run under eight hours at the Green Lakes 100k (7:43/mile for 62+ trail miles)
    • win the Green Lakes 50k and set a course record Shoelaces IMG_0195
    • win the Virgil Crest 50-miler and set a course record IMG_0195 IMG_0195
    • win the Mendon Ponds 50k IMG_0195
  • 8 Responses to Goals

    1. Kate says:

      100k!!!!!! Sweet Jesus. Good LUCK!!!!

    2. Awesome Jason, best of luck! I’m also shooting for a half marathon PB this year, and am hoping to complete my first ultra (55 miles). I’m really looking forward to both! It’ll be great to hear about how you get on. You’re such a strong runner, it’s a real inspiration to follow your journey!

    3. runninstermz says:

      yes jason best of luck to ya. SendEM!

    4. Wow! How high is your mileage for those 50 and 100K races?

      • Jason says:

        I usually train about 70 to 80 miles per week. It’s a lot but not quite as crazy as you’d think!

        • Yeah that actually isn’t! I got into the 60s or so per week in college and I was just training for the 6k! It’s always best to run the least amount mileage you can while still getting fit in order to prevent injury.

        • Jason says:

          For sure! There are definitely people who train for ultras that get up to 120+ miles per week but it seems like they are always burning out or getting hurt. No thank you!

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