Race Recap: Mountain Goat 10-Miler

The Mountain Goat 10-Miler was yesterday. My main goal was to break an hour. I was under an hour in 2013 and 2014, respectively, and I haven’t run the race since then. However, I’ve run it enough times over the years to know where I need to be on the course in a given time if I’m going to make it under the one-hour mark.

In short, the course has two big hills. They are about 250 feet of vertical each, which is pretty decent for a short road race.

I settled in over the first mile running near many familiar faces. The first climb was pretty brutal for me. I was more tired than I should have been, and my lack of fitness really frustrated me. My friend Laurel (she finished first) went by and offered some encouragement – it was just what I needed, and I had a really good reset.

I ran the downhill hard and hit the halfway mark in 29:44. I was on pace to run under an hour – unfortunately, almost everyone positive splits the Mountain Goat.

The second climb felt a little better, but the clock doesn’t lie, and my splits were actually a little slower. I dropped a 5:23 mile at mile 9, but it was too little, too late. I ran hard to the finish in 1:00:18. That is my fourth best Mountain Goat. With that being said, I’ll take it. I really think I left it all out there yesterday (and the soreness in my legs confirms that fact).

The race is a great experience. The course is challenging, and much of the course is lined with crowds and/or bands.

My splits were:

  1. 5:33
  2. 6:13
  3. 6:21
  4. 5:45
  5. 5:40
  6. 6:02
  7. 6:38
  8. 6:19
  9. 5:23
  10. 5:45

Don’t read too much into them, as they were largely dictated by the hills on the course.

Full results from the race are available here.

My next race is the Vegan Power 50k in June. When’s your next race?

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2 Responses to Race Recap: Mountain Goat 10-Miler

  1. Hollie says:

    I want to get back up and do Mountain Goat sometime. Nice job.

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