Training/Racing Update


My training has been okay. I just wrapped up a 57-mile week, which is my high mark for the year. I haven’t been doing nearly as much mileage as the last few years. I’ve been eating about the same though, and you know how that goes. Still, I’ve been doing some decent speed workouts, and I’m determined to shed that winter weight, preferably sooner rather than later.

On April 18th, I ran 3 x 1-mile (on the road in my trainers) in 6:12, 5:52, 5:36… meh. On April 20th, I ran 2 x 1-mile (road and trainers) in 5:27, 5:33… better! Most recently, I ran 1 x 2-mile (road and trainers) and my splits were 5:53, 5:42.

Long story short, I’m running okay. Not great, but not terrible. This sets up an interesting scenario for my next race.


I’m running the Mountain Goat on Sunday. It’s a local, 10-mile road race that encompasses two of the bigger hills in town. My Mountain Goat personal best is 57:21 (2014), but this year I would be pleased with anything under an hour. I don’t run a ton of road races anymore, but I still think they are an excellent way to gauge your speed and overall conditioning. Check back next week to find out how it went!

When is your next race?

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