0 SPF Half(ish) Marathon Race Report 

The 0 SPF Half Marathon was Saturday. I signed up for this one a while back knowing that it was only three weeks after Western States. I figured I would need something to get my motivation back, as there is often a lull after a big race.

The course is comprised mainly of singletrack, and it was in premium condition considering all the rain as of late.

As you can see, there are a few rollers, but the whole thing is pretty runnable. Last year, I came in second to running stud Matt Lipsey, and he was back to claim the title again.

Since Western States, I hadn’t run anything longer than 7 miles and I hadn’t run anything faster than an 8-minute mile… so I knew this was going to hurt.

Fortunately, about a mile into the race, I was able to tuck in with my buddy, Mike, Phil and a couple of other guys. I was still with Mike and Phil at the turnaround and we headed back together. In fact, we were still really close together with just two miles to go. At that point, Mike pushed the pace and slowly pulled away. I was also able to open up a little gap on Phil.

I had run almost all day in 5th place, but I ended up 4th because one of the top runners missed a turn and got a bit spun around on the course. It happens.

– 4th place overall

– 1:53:06

Race results are available here.

This is a great race and I highly recommend it. The course is lots of fun and #TrailsRoc does it right. There are volunteers galore, and it’s an excellent representation of the Rochester, NY running community.

I’m definitely pretty sore and I’m going to need to ease back into training (again). Western States really took a lot out of me. Fortunately, I have some time before any big races show up on the calendar.

How was your weekend?

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