I’m not panicking… yet.

Rock the Ridge 50-Miler was on Saturday. I was worried about this race, because my running has been off since a fall at Traprock 50k three weeks ago. My biggest issues have been my ribs, which got banged up pretty badly, and my left leg, which took the brunt of the fall.

Rock the Ridge has a 6am start and it was a (relatively) warm and misty morning. After a few instructions from the race director, we were off. I started off pretty casually. My plan was to run 8-minute miles or so and get an idea of where my leg was at. Initially, it worked out rather well. I moved into first place around mile two, and I was able to run with a very consistent effort for several hours. With that being said, my gait was noticeably off, and I had at least some pain almost from the start.

I hit the halfway mark of the race in just under 3:20, which is just a tiny bit quicker than 8-minute miles. By this point, I was compensating badly for my left leg, which had basically no push-off on the climbs and was buckling a bit on the descents. Time to pull the plug. I walked/hobbled to the next aid station, which was at 26.8 miles, and called it a day. I was in first place when I made the call. A very frustrating day to say the least. A super nice park ranger named Roger drove me back to the start, and the race director delivered me to my car – talk about VIP service?!

Okay, positives first. (1) I ran about a marathon before my body threw in the towel. (2) My gear, nutrition and hydration were perfect. (3) I got to run some beautiful “trails” (carriage roads or fire roads). Now the negatives. (1) Fuck. Western States is 7 weeks away and my body is broken. (2) see number one.

Things were okay… until they weren’t.

My plan is to take an easy week, which was on my schedule anyhow, and get my leg looked at. Needless to say, this is frustrating.

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2 Responses to I’m not panicking… yet.

  1. Steve Mintz says:

    I often found that if my gait was off because of an injury, compensating caused me to recruit muscles which were not as well trained, and this just made it more difficult to recover.

  2. drdanweb says:

    Hope the recovery is going well!

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