Next Up: Rock the Ridge 50-Miler

Rock the Ridge 50-Miler is on Saturday. I was really looking forward to this race earlier in the year. However, as many of you know, my season got tripped up a bit at Traprock (pun intended). I took a hard fall and banged up my left leg, left hip and ribs. The truth is, nearly three weeks later, I’m still pretty sore.

With that being said, a six-hour Rock the Ridge is now out of the question. Honestly, I just need a finish. I need to know that my body is okay, and I need to get in the long miles for Western States. I’m not going to set a time goal, I’m just going to see how the day unfolds.

And then there’s the weather. A six-hour race probably wasn’t going to happen anyways. There is going to be rain on Friday and Saturday. Not a sprinkle. Not a shower. More like keep on the lookout for Noah’s Ark. Friday/Saturday could see about three inches of rain on ground that is already quite saturated.

Yes, I know I’m a trail runner. The thing is, I don’t love running in the rain, and I hate mud. I can hear all you judgy judgers out there, but it’s true. A little bit of mud here and there? No problem. Ankle deep mud and puddles for 50 miles? FTS.

So we’ll see what happens. Running the past few weeks has been uncomfortable so I doubt this race experience will be ideal. But I’ve got my eyes on a bigger race down the road. Hopefully Rock the Ridge can be a means to an end.

Are you racing this weekend?

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2 Responses to Next Up: Rock the Ridge 50-Miler

  1. lljkline says:

    Judgy Judger! Rain will suck when you’re already feeling uncomfortable, but those trails will make it all well-worth it!

  2. I’d say dial it back and use RTR as an indicator run, and not race to win…I run on Traprock all the time, it’s unforgiving and brutal if you take any kind of spill on it…but have a great time either way! And if you’re still running Cayuga, I’ll see you there! –Crutch

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