Ouch! (Traprock 50k Race Report)

The Traprock 50k was on Saturday. It was my first trail race in over five months, and I was definitely looking forward to it.

I got up at 3am on Saturday to make the four-hour drive to Connecticut. I arrived with plenty of time to warm-up and relax before the start. They lined us up around 8:30am and off we went.

The course climbs over 200 feet in the first half mile, and Brian Rusiecki and I separated from the field. We ran and chatted a little. The trails were dry and quick, and the course was quite nice. It was pretty rocky (hence the name Traprock, I suppose), and it required some concentration in parts.

Apparently, I wasn’t concentrating enough. Somewhere around six miles, I clipped a toe on a rock. I started to stumble, and because of the rocky section, I was unable to regain my balance. I went down hard on some pretty decent rocks. My right hand, left hip, left knee and chest took the brunt of it. Ouch.

I was definitely stunned and I had the wind knocked out of me. I didn’t feel anything break, but I knew my day was probably done. After a few minutes, nobody had gone by me, and I decided to start walking. A few minutes after that, I figured I would try jogging. I actually caught up to Brian briefly – he had made a navigational miscalculation, and he was just finding his way. Unfortunately, I didn’t have anything left. Everything hurt and my knee was starting to swell. I walked back to the start and took a DNF.

On a scale of one to ten, with one being victory and ten being death, this was about a seven or eight. My hip still feels lousy and I definitely have a rib issue. I was planning on a 100-mile week this week, and that pretty much went up in smoke. On the bright side, I’m not seriously hurt, and I should be able to get back on track with my Western States training in the near future.

Ugh. Anyhow, Rock the Ridge is next.

How was your weekend?

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4 Responses to Ouch! (Traprock 50k Race Report)

  1. Yowza!
    Maybe you should try “Pillow the Ridge” instead. You got a date in Squaw Valley. We don’t want your prom pictures looking like the end of a Rocky movie.

  2. Mike Daigeaun says:

    Thankfully, Rock the Ridge is super buffed trail. You should do well there.

    And it for those reading at home, the image of the rocks looks better than it is. I hate those suckers.

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