Back to the trails…

I just finished a fairly challenging three-week block of training. It included the Syracuse Half Marathon, which went fairly well. My weekly mileage totals were 80, 80 and 95, and I also got in a respectable amount of vertical. I really have no complaints except for the fact that I caught a cold (what else is new?!). I’m almost better and I’m hoping to be close to 100% for my race this weekend.

On Saturday, I’ll be racing the Traprock 50k in Connecticut. The slightly revamped course is pretty challenging, as it features nearly 6,000 feet of vertical over 50k. It’s also – you guessed it – quite rocky! It’s actually a pretty stacked field for an early-season race in the Northeast. Brian Rusiecki will be the man to beat, but Jim Sweeney, Rich Kopacz and Jack Bailey are no slouches either (I’m sure there are others, as well).

I don’t have a time goal since the course is foreign to me. Also, it’s mud season. While things might dry out a little this week, there’s no telling what kind of footing will await us on Saturday.

After Traprock, I’ll have a few weeks of tough training leading up to Rock the Ridge 50-Miler. Western States is getting closer, and these races are a key part of my buildup.

How is your training going?

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