Back to Racing: Syracuse Half Marathon

It has been about five months since I’ve done a race. The truth is, there aren’t very many races in central New York during the winter. While it doesn’t quite feel like Spring yet, it is officially Spring! This Sunday is the Syracuse Half Marathon.

I did this race a few years ago, and it’s a great race. The weather does not always cooperate, but I think this year will be okay.

This isn’t an “A” race for me, so I haven’t really taken a break in my training – I will still be around 80-85 miles this week. With that being said, I still have goals! I would really like to finish in the 1:14:00 to 1:15:59 range. If I finish in the 1:16:00 to 1:18:00 range, I’ll be cranky and disappointed. If I’m over 1:18:00, you should probably steer clear of me for a day or two.

It’s a great course, and it’s only about ten minutes from my house. The race starts at 7:45am. This year, there will be over 6,000 runners! I have several friends in town, including a bunch of folks from my Strong Hearts Vegan Power crew. As I said above, the weather will be okay. The forecast is for rain showers and temps in the low 30s.

The course is a little different this year:

It’s not a fast course, but the worst hill is early on, so it’s not a slow course either.

Live runner tracking is available here.

Results will be posted here after the race.

Check back next week to hear about my race!

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3 Responses to Back to Racing: Syracuse Half Marathon

  1. drdanweb says:

    Best wishes! Have you ever run Montezuma Half? Nice race!

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