Update: Winter, Syracuse Half Marathon, Oil Creek 100 and Western States

Winter is finally here! It has been freezing the last few days, and this week, we are expected to get at least a foot of snow. I think the seasons are definitely confused!

Training Update

My training is going very well. I just finished a pretty tough three-week stretch. I managed 75, 80 and 82 miles during those weeks, while still pushing through one or two workouts per week. In this most recent week, my workout was 4 x 8 minutes with a 4 minute recovery jog. I averaged about 5:45/mile during those repeats, which is right where I wanted to be. I also managed to squeeze in a track workout on Friday (see below).

I’ll probably be cutting back to one workout per week (or three every two weeks) as I push my mileage up to 100/week.

Racing Update

Friday’s track workout was structured, but I wouldn’t consider it a race. I ran it in trainers (while dealing with a few sniffles). I managed to go 9:48 for 3000m. It was a good time and a nice change of pace (pun intended). My first real race of the year is March 26th. My goal for the Syracuse Half Marathon is under 1:15. I think this is doable if I taper my mileage just a little bit that week and the weather cooperates.

Other News

In other news, I signed up for the Oil Creek 100 again. I got a free entry for finishing top three last year, and there’s something about free things… in related (and exciting) news, Karl Meltzer is also registered! If you’re not familiar with Karl, he’s won more 100-milers than anyone else ever. He also broke Scott Jurek’s fastest known time on the Appalachian Trail. He’s pretty much a legend, and it’ll be cool to run some miles with him.

In other other news, the bib numbers for Western States were assigned last night! I’m number 274. Western States is already the most competitive 100-miler in the world, and this year, all of the top-ten men are back and nine of the top-ten women. Add in Walmsley (probably) and Sage (possibly)… and who knows who else?!

How are things with you? Are you getting hit with this last blast of winter?

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2 Responses to Update: Winter, Syracuse Half Marathon, Oil Creek 100 and Western States

  1. Pete says:

    Good luck going toe-to-toe with The Speedgoat this October!

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