Training Update

I know it’s been awhile, but I’d like to bring you up to speed (pun intended) on my training.

As I prepare for Western States, I’ve put together a six-month plan that is broken into three distinct two-month blocks. As I’ve mentioned on other occasions, I’m following Jason Koop’s book/strategy, which starts with the least specific training and moves to the most specific training. In plain English, that means the first two months of my training, which I just completed, were filled with short, hard intervals. I ran interval workouts once or twice a week. I ran some of them uphill, some of them downhill and some of them flat. The intervals were generally one to three minutes each, and the recovery was half the length of the interval itself.

Without going into too much detail, these workouts went extremely well. I’m faster than I’ve been in years, and I feel extremely fit, especially for early March. I will know a little more when I do my first race of the year in a few weeks.

The next phase of my training, which starts this week, focuses more on tempo runs. According to Koop, this is generally the hardest phase of training.

So far this year, I’ve averaged about 65 miles per week. However, I’ve been doing three hard weeks followed by an “easy” week, which has brought the average down. The reality is most of my weeks so far have been closer to 75 miles. Over the next few months, I will most likely go as high as 100 miles/week. This is uncharted territory for me, but I got into Western States so YOLO and all that. It’s obviously a challenge finding the time, and I often find myself running at 4:30am, 8:30pm and everything in between.

That’s about it! The weather has been quite kind and I’m ready to start racing after a four-month hiatus. Next up is the Syracuse Half Marathon on March 26th followed by Traprock 50k on April 15th.

How is your training going? When is your next race?

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One Response to Training Update

  1. How exciting!! I’m looking forward to following your training journey!

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