Thinking Ahead to 2017…


I don’t have any more races planned for 2016. It was a busy year and my legs (and mind) are tired! With that being said, I’ve started thinking about 2017. I’m assuming I will not get into Western States since my lottery odds are so lousy… so here is my tentative plan:

– Lost 118 (February 11) very tentative

– Syracuse Half Marathon (March 26)

– Naked Prussion 50-Miler (April 1)

– Lake Waramaug 50k (April 24) or Mind the Ducks 12-Hour (May 13)

– Cayuga Trails 50-Miler (June 3)

– Vegan Power 50k (June 17)

– Vermont 100-Miler (July 15)

– Free to Run 50-Miler (September 16)

– Can Lake 50-Miler (October 7)

Those are the races that are on my radar right now. This is definitely subject to change! I’d also like to fit in a road marathon. So many races, so little time!

Have you picked out any races yet for 2017?

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7 Responses to Thinking Ahead to 2017…

  1. Mike Daigeaun says:

    I’m thinking of hitting up Waramaug again this year for the 50M. I think if you are find with the road miles, I think you could PR for sure.

  2. wanderwolf says:

    Is the naked run done while naked? 🙂

  3. Wow that’s a lot of races! I haven’t picked any yet as I’m just trying to get my calves better and focus on running for therapy right now!

  4. OmniRunner says:

    I’m still working on races for 2016. I’ll start planning over the Christmas holiday.
    Nice list!

  5. So far:
    7 Sisters – May 6 (Registered)
    Cayuga Trails 50 – June (Registered)
    Whiteface Sky Race (and Vertical K) – July 8/9
    Yeti 100 – September 28-29 (Registered)

    I’m also looking at Waramaug, was going to do Breakneck Point again but we’re traveling…good list you have so far!

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