Next Up: Oil Creek 100


This Saturday is the Oil Creek 100. This will be my second attempt at 100 miles. The race is in Oil Creek State Park in western Pennsylvania. The 100-miler has 172 runners in it. The list of registered runners is available here. In the past, this race has drawn some pretty impressive folks – Nick Kopp, Daven Oskvig (who is running this year), Jared Hazen, Ashley Moyer, Maggie Guterl and Rachel Nypaver to name a few.

The course is a 50km loop that is completed three times, followed by a 7.7-mile “going home” loop. The course has nearly 18,000 feet of elevation gain/loss.


The forecast for Saturday is okay at this point. It will be about 55 degrees at the start and the temperature will climb into the 60s during the day with rain showers on and off. Saturday night, it will dip into the mid-40s as the showers taper off.

I have yet to run the course; however, it appears to be your typical northeast race – rocks, roots, leaves, hills, etc.


There will be some tracking available, so if you are interested in following my progress on Saturday, or the progress of other runners – click here (on Saturday).

Have a great week (and weekend). Hopefully, I’ll be back next week with some decent results!

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4 Responses to Next Up: Oil Creek 100

  1. Awesome–can’t wait to hear how it goes! Get out there and crush it!

  2. Have a great race, Jason! Looking forward to the race report!

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