Jug End Loop Ultra Race Report


The Jug End Loop Ultra was on Saturday. Basically, it was a 4.2-mile loop, and you had to run it as many times as possible in 5 hours. Then, you switched over to a .88-mile loop for the final hour (6 hours total). As you can see, the 4.2-mile loop had a pretty decent hill, and the .88-mile loop was a bit flatter.


It was a sunny day and temps got up into the mid-80s. It wasn’t too bad for the first few hours, but it definitely got a little warm by the end. Over the first three hours, I managed to cover 21.5 miles, and over the final three hours, I managed another 20 miles. I slowed down a little bit but not too badly!


I managed to take the win with 41.5 miles. Full results are available here. Tim Goric was tough all day, and he managed second with 38 miles. Tim also completed the 4.2-mile loop a total of eight times. The women’s race was close! Ann Alessandrini took the win with Ana Wolf just a little behind her.

Vegan/Vegetarian Group Picture

Vegan/Vegetarian Group Picture

This was the first time I’ve ever run a race based on time as opposed to distance. I liked it! There is something nice about knowing you will be done at a certain time.


For the win, I got a really nice engraved jug (get it?). I will be using it for flowers… just kidding, I’m going to fill it with beer. I know Ann has already been putting hers to good use!

I highly recommend this race. Great course. Great people. Extremely affordable.

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3 Responses to Jug End Loop Ultra Race Report

  1. naomi2elizabeth says:

    so much admiration for ultra runners. It’s something I would love to try and get into when I reach a point in my life when I’ve finished studying and really have the time to commit to training. good luck for the future

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