Hoka Speed Instinct Review

Hoka One One is out with a new trail shoe. It’s a bit different than the other trail shoes offered by Hoka. The main difference is the stack height (more on that later). This shoe has retained some key Hoka features, but it definitely feels like more of a traditional trail shoe.

I think this is the best trail shoe that Hoka has produced yet. I still prefer a more traditional shoe, and the Speed Instinct might be able to get some new converts over to Hoka.

Hoka says this shoe has a wider toebox but I disagree. The toebox is quite average. The Speed Instinct wraps the whole foot rather snugly. It’s a little bit firmer in the sole, but it retains some of that Hoka comfort that wearers have come to expect. I normally wear a size 10 and the size 10 fit well – no need to size up or down.

The shoe has a nice tread that is adequate for most trails, but it wouldn’t get the job done in mud. The shoe has a 25mm heel and a 22mm forefoot – a 3mm drop. That is significantly different than other Hoka models. For example, the Challenger ATR 2 has a 31mm heel and a 26mm forefoot – a bigger drop and a notably bigger stack height.

The size 10 weighed 10.4 ounces on my scale. That makes it a tiny bit lighter than the Challenger ATR 2, but not significantly so. It’s also a little bit lighter than the Speedgoat.

To sum up, I’d say it’s a really nice shoe but it’s definitely snug! If you like a snug fit, this is the shoe for you!

– more of a traditional trail shoe
– decent weight for racing
– nice tread
– decent quality
– perfect amount of cushioning

– not wide enough in the toebox
– a little too snug throughout

This shoe retails for around $130.00.

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