Green Lakes 50k Race Report


The Green Lakes 50k was on Saturday. At 3am on Saturday – just a few hours before the race – a decent storm rolled through. It was definitely enough to wake me up, and I was worried that it would muddy up the course. Fortunately, it has been so dry this summer that just a few hours later, there was no evidence it had rained at all! However, at race time, the humidity was still hovering near 100% (more on that later).


The race went off at 6am and Chris Raulli took off at record pace. I knew it was too much for me, so I ran in a chase pack with Stephen Paddock and Louis Ferrone. I knew Louis from previous races, but Stephen was new to me. Both guys looked fit and seemed like they were up for the challenge. Stephen and I finished the first loop in just under 53 minutes. That’s not a bad split; however, it is a problem when a 53-minute loop feels like a 51-minute effort. I realized that the humidity was going to be more than a minor nuisance.


Stephen and I stayed pretty close for much of the second lap. I came through in just over 56 minutes. Chris was way out in front, and at this point, the race was for second and third. I slowed pretty dramatically for my third lap (I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one). The weather was actually improving slightly, but I was feeling the effects of sweating buckets for the first two hours of the race. I finished that lap in a little over 1:02… and I saw Chris Raulli. Apparently, in the middle of his third lap, he decided to call it a day. I was now in first place and I only had one loop to go.


The weather was actually still improving at this point. It was getting hotter but there was also a light breeze and the humidity was decreasing. I ran the final lap in about 1:03 for a total time of 3:55:09 (7:34/mile).


The women’s race was filled with excitement! Neela D’Souza and Kristen Roe battled from the start – they were never separated by more than a couple of minutes. Even when they hit the beach on the final lap (last than a half mile to go), the outcome was still in doubt! Neela hung on for the win in 4:25:16 and Kristen finished just behind her in 4:25:50. In addition, in the 100k, Justyna Wilson was the outright winner in 10:00:18!! I think Justyna had the performance of the day – that’s an incredible time given the conditions on Saturday.

Full results of the 50k are available here.

Full results of the 100k are available here.

My next race is the Jug End Loop Ultra on August 20th.

When is your next race?

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4 Responses to Green Lakes 50k Race Report

  1. Ellie says:

    Oh man now I’m even more excited to race with you!! 🙂

  2. Robin says:

    Congrats on the commanding victory.

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