Preview: Green Lakes 50k


The Green Lakes 50k is tomorrow morning. This was my first ultra back in 2013, and I’ve done it every year since. I consider it my home course, as I’ve run these trails hundreds of times, and there really aren’t any other trail races as close to me.

The 50k course consists of four loops that are approximately 7.77 miles each. The 100k course is eight loops! As far as trail races go, this course is flat and fast! However, if you are a roadie and this is your first journey to the trails, you’ll be surprised to find a decent climb that you have to complete four times (or eight for the 100k). It’s actually two separate climbs separated by a quarter mile of flat trail, so you do get some recovery and it is manageable.


Tim Hardy, the race director, does an excellent job. The course is well-marked and runners get a nice swag bag (shirts, pint glasses, race stickers, etc.). In addition, because it is a loop course, runners will pass each other throughout the day, and it is a great opportunity to lend support to your comrades on the trails.

This race always attracts some speedy folks. Past runners include Mike Daigeaun (holds course records in the 50k and 100k), Valmir Nunes, Daven Oskvig, Rebecca Harman (100k course record holder), Brian Rusiecki, Amy Rusiecki and Cole Crosby.

This year’s race also includes some speedy individuals. In particular, keep an eye on Chris Raulli in the men’s 50k and Neela D’Souza in the women’s 50k. I think both 50k course records are vulnerable, as the trails are in excellent condition and the weather should be satisfactory. Speaking of the weather, the 50k will be 72 degrees at the 6am start, and it will climb towards 80 as the first finishers come through. The 100k will be 72 degrees at the start, and it will be in the low 80s as the first finishers cross the line.

My goal races are later in the year so I haven’t done much of a taper for this one. I’d like to run under 3:40. Ideally, I’ll run faster than 3:37:26, which was my time in 2013.

Entrant lists for all the races are available here.

Check back next week for my full report! Have a great weekend!

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