0 SPF Race Report

The 0 SPF Trail Half Marathon was on Saturday. This race is limited to 140 people, but I suspect they could draw at least twice that many. I made it to Victor around 7:15am for an 8:00am race start. I saw lots of familiar faces, which is one of the great things about trail races! In particular, the Rochester trail running community is amazing!! I warmed up a couple of miles and I definitely felt ready to go!

I knew that Matt Lipsey and Daven Oskvig were the two to watch. Sure enough, at the start, Matt took off up the first climb. This climb went up about 100 feet in a quarter of a mile or so. It definitely thinned the field right out of the gate. I let him go and staked out second place. This was definitely my type of course. Lots of rolling hills, rocks, roots and a little pavement. There were not long climbs, long descents or mud.

I was getting a little feedback along the course from Ron, who was also shooting some cool video – more on that later. At the halfway mark, I was about two or three minutes back of the lead, and my gap over Daven was minimal. I had a rough patch coming out of the turnaround and I had to walk up one of the ascents. Then, just like that, it was gone. I started zipping along again, and while I knew I was not going to catch Matt, I was having a blast!

I was glad I picked the Salomon S-Lab X-Series for the race – they worked out perfectly! I finished second overall in 1:44:46. The race has been held four years and I ran the third fastest time on the course. I’d like to pat myself on the back for that, but I’m pretty sure the conditions were just perfect on Saturday.

As I mentioned earlier, Ron was shooting some video out on the course. Check it out here! It’s only a minute long and it’s definitely worth checking out.

You should definitely consider putting this one on your calendar for next year. Great race. I can’t say a single bad thing about it.

My next race is the Green Lakes 50k on August 6. I’ve heard rumors it’s going to be a stacked field – I can’t wait!

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