Preview: Vegan Power 50k

This picture was "borrowed" from Laura Kline

This picture was “borrowed” from Laura Kline

The Vegan Power 50k is tomorrow. This is a relatively new race (third year) in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. The elevation profile is fairly tame; however, it isn’t a fast course by any stretch of the imagination. There are twists and turns everywhere you look, and there are more than a couple of roots to stumble over.

Last year, I took first overall in 4:19:41. However, last year, the race was three weeks after Cayuga Trails. This year it has only been two weeks, and my legs are still feeling it! It should be an exciting race, as the men’s field is pretty stacked, and the women’s field is wide open since the two-time champ took a pass this year.

Check out an amazing video on the race here.

It has been really dry in New England lately and I think the course will run fast. In addition, the weather should be perfect. I expect the course record (4:16:22) will probably go down.

I don’t really have much of a race strategy. This is a loop course – each loop is just over 5 miles – and you do it six times. This makes it super convenient for staying hydrated. It’s a pretty course and there is lots of support at the start/finish area. In addition, all of the money raised for the race goes to a great cause!

Check back next week for race results and a full report!

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2 Responses to Preview: Vegan Power 50k

  1. Just checked the results, congrats on the course record! Guess the legs were recovered enough from Cayuga!!!

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