Cayuga Trails 50: My Own Preview

The forecast for Saturday is sunny with temps in the low 80s. That will resemble the ’14 race a bit, and I suspect the heat will get to some of the participants.

As far as my own race, I have modest expectations. I ran really well last year, and I have little hope of eclipsing that time.

Over the last eight weeks (excluding this taper week), I’ve averaged a stunning 47 miles/week. Since there’s nothing I can do about that now, I’m hoping the quality of my miles trumps the quantity of my miles!

My race strategy is similar to last year. I’d like to hit the halfway mark in 3:40-3:45 and then see what happens. I think that will put me in the vicinity of Dr. Jay and Mike “the burrito” Welden, so at least I’ll have some good company out on the trails.

Things I did not do to prepare for this race:

– core workouts
– long runs
– crossfit
– eat healthy
– get enough sleep
– stay hydrated

Things I did to prepare for this race:

– register online
– looked at race pics from last year
– chatted with friends about the race

Check back next week for a full race report.

Have a great weekend!

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3 Responses to Cayuga Trails 50: My Own Preview

  1. See you there! Driving over from CT this morning to get settled in. should be a fun weekend!

  2. Lauren says:

    This is hysterical! Good luck! Have fun.

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