2015 Running Gift Guide



It’s holiday time! This has me thinking – what is the perfect gift for a runner?

Running can be a pretty simple sport. You need shoes, but aside from that, nothing is essential. To be completely honest, shoes aren’t a great gift. Unless you know the exact brand/model/size, I recommend you don’t give shoes as a gift. So what should you give?

I’m going to go through a few items. Before doing so, I encourage you to shop locally. Spending your dollars at small businesses where you live is almost always preferable to the alternative!


The only thing more important than running well is looking good (that’s a joke). Seriously though, functional clothing is important. Below, I’ve highlighted a few items that you may want to consider:

Salomon Discovery Jacket (women’s) – this awesome jacket is on sale for $24.95 at Sierra Trading Post. These jackets are stylish and colorful, and the microfleece is super cozy.


The North Face Kilowatt Jacket (men’s) – unfortunately, I couldn’t find a great bargain for the fellas. This jacket is $129.95 at Backcountry – use Discount Code Discount20 and it knocks it down to $103.96. The jacket is super stylish and it gets great reviews.



Asics Striped Beanie and Glove Set – So cute!! The hat and gloves sells for $19.91 at Running Warehouse – use Discount Code RUNBLOG10 and it knocks the price down to $17.92. These gloves won’t cut it in the middle of winter, but they are perfect for Spring/Fall.


Salomon XC Mitten – In terms of gifts, mittens might not be the sexiest, but these are so practical! I’ve been running in gloves for ages and this year I finally broke down and got some mittens (of course, by doing so, I single handedly induced the warmest winter ever). These are so cozy and I think they’ll definitely be solid for 0F – 20F, when gloves don’t quite cut it. These are sold out on most sites, but you can still get them directly from Salomon.


Ultrarunning Magazine – this magazine is awesome! It is perfect for anyone who runs trails, marathons or ultramarathons. The content is excellent and the recipient will definitely be excited about this one!



Interested in a GPS watch? You can snag a Garmin Forerunner 10 on Amazon for $79.99. Want something with more features? The Suunto Ambit3 is awesome (although setup is a little tricky). The Ambit3 is available at Running Warehouse for $300 – but you can get $30 off with Discount Code RUNBLOG10


Gift Card

Once again, I recommend you go local for gift cards. However, for some people, this isn’t practical (long-distance gift, no local running store, etc). In that case, go with Running Warehouse. I find they have great prices, excellent selection and fantastic customer service.

A Donation

Like I mentioned above, running can be a simple sport. In other words, we don’t need all this stuff. You may want to consider passing on a non-essential item and donate a few bucks in someone’s name to a worthwhile cause. I recommend Free to Run. Check out the website for more information.

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3 Responses to 2015 Running Gift Guide

  1. Shawna says:

    i love getting running clothes as gifts, b/c i truly believe i can never have too many and wear them every day!

  2. Ellie says:

    So cute!!! (the hat hahahaha)

  3. I loooove getting running clothes as a present. Sadly my Granny said that wasn’t “girly” enough and I think she’s bought me cosmetics instead. Not complaining about cosmetics but lolling slightly at what she thinks of all my sports! My other grandma gave me some money towards my new bike so that was a good one 🙂

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