The Kabul Marathon.


The Kabul Marathon was held yesterday. According to Free to Run, this is the first time women have participated in, and completed, a marathon in Afghanistan (just a hunch, I’m guessing this excludes servicewomen from overseas).

Nelofar and Zainab have been documenting some of their adventures on the Free to Run blog. It’s really interesting stuff. Yesterday, Nelofar completed the marathon alongside two men from Skyrunning Afghanistan.

Video highlights of the race can be seen here.

I’m disappointed in the global media coverage of the race. It has been nonexistent. That is not an exaggeration – there is literally nothing except Facebook posts from the marathon itself and Free to Run.

This could be a watershed moment. Consider where women’s running is in the United States now. Deena Kastor. Molly Huddle. Shalane Flanagan. These women are global superstars. Now consider that it was only one generation ago that Katherine Switzer was physically attacked in the Boston Marathon. It was only one generation ago that Joan Benoit used to pretend she was admiring flowers when she was really out for a run.

I’m not asking for much – but I think we could all sacrifice 60 seconds of Donald Trump, Subway Jared and Kim Kardashian for a story that is actually historic and inspiring.

Rant over. As you were.

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2 Responses to The Kabul Marathon.

  1. songbird128 says:

    Agreed! And well said!! It’s unfortunate that, in general, running pretty much takes a “back seat” to every sport – or so I’ve noticed. I’ve only been running since 2010 – prior to that, (with the exception of track) I had NO CLUE that most running races existed. I had only somewhat heard of marathons – and I thought only “Pros” did those.

    I was literally shocked to learn of this whole new world!! Come to find out, this stuff has been going on for hundreds of years!! In the last two years, I’ve discovered that folks even run trails through the woods & over Mountaintops & crazy stuff like that!! Lol
    Running is Awesome!! I’ve been loving every moment of my journey! 🙂

    Running is an extraordinary Sport, and I wish that the world would give it the attention that it deserves.

  2. AMEN! It is about priorities 🙂 will definitely check those links out. Thanks!

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