Valley Nature 4-Mile Run


On Saturday, I ran the Valley Nature 4-Miler. It’s a 4-mile run in the city that includes about three miles of road and one mile of trail. The road sections are flat but the trail section has a steep hill section – it climbs about 150 feet of vertical in a very short distance.

The weather was perfect and the race started right at 9. The first mile went out pretty quick. My friend Juan and one other guy took the first mile in about 5:15. That was a little quick for me – I went through in 5:25 in third place. The second mile was flat and I covered it in 5:25. I moved into second place and Juan was about fifteen seconds in front of me. We hit the trails and my legs were jelly. They were definitely still feeling my hill workout from Tuesday. I felt like I crawled up the hill, and Juan was pretty much out of sight. Coming out of the woods, I had a little life back in my legs, and I think I covered the last mile in about 5:25.

I came in second overall and won this nifty award:


My time was 23:08, which is 5:47/mile.

It wasn’t a great race for me, but it wasn’t terrible. I’ve been doing so many long trail races that it was nice to hit the roads for a little bit.

Full results of the Valley Nature Run are available here.

My next race will be the Green Lakes Endurance Runs. I’m still deciding between a 50k and a 100k. Decisions, decisions. Either way, it’s less than three weeks away!

When is your next race?

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14 Responses to Valley Nature 4-Mile Run

  1. Jane Likes to Run says:

    I love getting tree stump “medals”. Those are the best. My next race is a 50K on Saturday. Eeep.

  2. I say go for the 100K. I won’t be there but I think you can take down last year’s time.

    • Jason says:

      I’ve been trying to decide if I could run that – I think it would be close, but 8:15 is probably more realistic. I’m definitely leaning in that direction. Good luck this weekend – Eastern should be an awesome race!

  3. WOW so fast! Great job. I’m supposed to be doing a 5k on Saturday but will probably be sitting this one out due to IT band issues 😦

  4. Hollie says:

    It sounds like a really interesting and fun race for Syracuse. I’m glad you enjoyed it though and the race award is awesome.

    I don’t know, difficult decision between the 50k and 100k…I would decide when the weather forecast comes out LOL.

  5. Ellie says:

    Super speedy! That’s a neat award. All I got at my last race was a can of sauerkraut…

  6. That’s a pretty sweet award- nice running! My next race may be September. Working out some ankle issues at the moment.

  7. That’s a nice and different medal. I like the wood. Congrats on your finish. My next race is the Columbus Half Marathon (October 18th) then I run another half 6 days later (October 25th) in CHINA, the Hefei International Marathon. I thought about going for the full marathon distance when I travel to China since my race costs will be covered for free (I’m a Columbus Athlete Ambassador) but I don’t have time to train for a marathon. It just seems sweeter to run a full marathon but I don’t want to overwork myself. In the same token, maybe you should run the 100k for your next race because it will be “sweeter” yet again, if it is 3 weeks away and you haven’t decided, maybe go with the 50k.

    Why haven’t you decided yet? Not enough training?

    • Jason says:

      That’s awesome!! That sounds like you’re going to have a very exciting month in October!!

      I was kinda waiting to find out the weather forecast. If it’s going to be cool(er), I’ll do the 100k… but if it’s going to be 90 degrees, I definitely would rather do the shorter distance!

      • Thanks, I’m excited and honoured to have been chosen as an athlete ambassador.

        Ahhh, the weather forecast. Got ya. Whatever distance you choose, good luck. I would pick the 5k option….lol….

  8. Dang, you’re quick! I love the award.

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