Wish Me Luck!


I’m not a big believer in cross-training. I think that in order to perform your best, your training should be specific to what you are competing in. With that being said, I’m going to attempt to bike to/from work several days per week.

It’s not a long distance, and I think it will be just as quick as driving since I have to park several blocks from my building. In addition, my bike is a beater, so there’s only a .01% chance it will get stolen during the day.


Aside from the cross-training, it’s the “green” thing to do – as you can see above, Syracuse hammered this idea home with some fancy, shmancy, green bike lanes.

So that’s that. Meanwhile, I’ve been re-incorporating speed workouts into my routine. Last Wednesday, I ran half-mile repeats. On Sunday, I attempted a three-mile tempo ran. Sadly, I withered in the heat and it turned into a 1.5 mile tempo run and several 400m repeats. This week, I’m going to make another attempt at a three-mile tempo run.


Do you ever bike to work?

Do you do speed workouts? If so, what is your favorite one?

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12 Responses to Wish Me Luck!

  1. FatSlowTri says:

    Man I wish I could bike to work. Would make getting these workouts in much easier.

  2. I wish I could bike to work! I have a 25 mile commute so that would probably not be the best idea 🙂 I looooove speed work, but I haven’t been enjoying it as much in the summer heat. I really like 400 repeats!

  3. Kindeo says:

    Good for you! I love speedwork. 🙂

  4. pauldburton says:

    I regularly bike to work not is a great way to start and end the day. It always leaves me with a smile.

  5. Great job with the decision to bike to work. Good way to add in some cross training and be environmentally friendly! I wish I could bike to work. And as for speed – track workouts and tempo runs! I like 800s on the track. They are hard but you can bust out a bunch of them!

  6. I’m a big believer in speed work! I love yasso’s, but also love 400/200 alternating sprint workouts. I think they are what help my pace the most!

  7. Hollie says:

    I’ve ridden my bike to work before. It’s only a couple of miles though and often times it takes less time. 🙂

  8. Ellie says:

    Dwight is probably the greatest character in the Office. Ok, Phyllis is a close second ❤ I do not bike to work because I like a 5 second walking distance. I also do not own a bike. I used to bike to my old job and it was cool getting there (downhill), but the way home was a beast. Thanks for reminding me to start pricing bikes again 🙂

  9. Tim says:

    Good luck! I’m not much of a bike guy, but I work from home so it’d be a short trip anyway.

    My favorite speed workout is Bannister’s or something like it – 10×400 float intervals, interval right around mile pace and recovery a little slower than marathon pace. It’s a killer and you can’t do it all the time, but I’ve had great results when preparing for mile or 5k races. My other favorite is to run a fartlek and just vary the effort back and forth across that lactate turnpoint, probably more like 800s like you mentioned in your other post. I think it helps with efficiency for longer distances but the results haven’t been quite as dramatic as with the Bannister.

  10. wanderwolf says:

    Wonderful plan! One of my favorite parts of studying abroad in Europe was that commuting to and from the Uni was a reasonable thing (unlike in South Florida) and that I had a way to balance my running.

  11. I used to be diligent about cross training…now it’s withered down to 1 day a week if I’m good. I think it’s valuable to work muscles outside how they are used in running, to prevent overuse. But hey, you’re pretty damn speedy without it, so whatever works right? That’s the beauty of being human, we’re all different 🙂
    I freaking love the office-that Dwight pic is hilarious (and TRUE!)

  12. Awesome stuff! Biking to work = killing two birds with one stone, exercise and transport! Clean and green too 🙂 I love walking/running to work (it helps that I don’t have a car in Sydney haha). I love incorporating speed and hill work for some sweaty hill sprints, fun times 🙂

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