Look Up and Face the Challenge.

The Hardrock 100 was this weekend. If you’re not familiar with Hardrock, check out the preview from Running Times. In a nutshell, it’s one of the hardest 100-mile races you could dream up.

The Ladies

photo credits: Rickey Gates

photo credits: Rickey Gates

The women’s race was a thriller. Anna Frost, in her second hundred miler, led from the start. However, Darcy Piceu made an impressive mid-race move, and she caught Frosty near mile 75. By mile 82, Darcy had a 13-minute lead. The race coverage described Frosty as “wrecked.” However, strange things happen in ultras. Frosty regrouped, and by mile 89, she was back in the lead. She went on to take the win in 28:22:47. Darcy was second in 28:57:07.

The Fellas

photo credits: Hardrock 100/Rickey Gates

photo credits: Hardrock 100/Rickey Gates

The men’s race did not have the same level of drama at the front. Kilian Jornet was a huge favorite, and once again, he showed everyone why. Kilian won and set a course record in 23:28:10. Not only that, he was off-course for nearly 40 minutes (as were many others) due to issues with snow and course markings. It makes his time that much more impressive. Mike Foote took second in 25:45:13.

Bogie Dumitrescu Finishing in 47:59:59

Bogie Dumitrescu Finishing in 47:59:59

While the men’s race didn’t have drama at the front, there was plenty at the back!

“This morning, with 30 seconds to go, Bogie Dumitrescu hadn’t yet turned the final corner a block from the finish line. There was a collective sigh among the 100 or so spectators lining the chute as it became obvious he wasn’t going to make it in time. But then, like a man possessed, and after already coming 101.4 miles, Bogie came SPRINTING around the corner. We all went crazy as we watched Bogie, and then the clock with 10 seconds to go, 5 seconds to go, 3 seconds to go. Finally, at 47:59:58, he crashed into the rock, finishing his incredible journey through these mountains. What an honor and inspiration to see this effort.” – Mike Foote

Full results of the Hardrock 100 are available here.

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2 Responses to Look Up and Face the Challenge.

  1. I can’t even imagine signing up for something like this. CRAZY.

  2. 100 miler?! Holy stamina. That’s incredible.

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