It’s Race Weekend!


This is my last pre-race post – woo hoo!

Here are a few last minute notes:

– I’ve run 1,270 miles so far this year. At this same time last year, I had run 1,361 miles.

– After a very hot May, the forecast for Sunday is cool and rainy. In fact, it’s going to be 54 at the start and the temperature will drop throughout the race – gloves and a hat on May 31st?!

– I’ll be fueling before the race with a ProBar and a Picky Bar. During the race, I’ll use Hammer gels and Hüma gels. My goal is to get down 2,500 calories or so during the race.

– Post-race, I’m looking forward to coffee (as always) and Strong Hearts.

– My post-race beer will be a Hugh Malone Ale by Allagash Brewing Company (Maine). It’s a Belgian Style IPA and I’m looking forward to it.

That’s it! Catch you on the flip side!

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13 Responses to It’s Race Weekend!

  1. charissarunning says:

    Those sound like pretty decent race conditions! I’m so glad it won’t be sweltering hot for you. Good luck!! You’ve run some crazy miles so far this year – 1270 is amazing! I don’t think I’ve even done half that yet lol

  2. Good luck!!!! And Allagash – YES!

  3. Chris P says:

    I’m sure you’ll do well, but good luck anyway!

  4. Good luck! May you get to that beer speedily and enjoyably!

  5. Kindeo says:

    Have a great race! Can’t wait to read about it!

  6. HC says:

    The important thing is that you’ve already decided on the post-race beer. Run fast!

  7. Ellie says:

    Good luck! I am jealous of the Strong Hearts after party. I have wanted to go there ever since I heard it was vegan. Do us no-meat eaters proud!

  8. Have a great race tomorrow!!!

  9. Good luck for your race Jason! I’m sure you’ll crush it!! 🙂

  10. Coffee is always my post-race focus. I always have a little bit before I hit the race to wake up but afterward, I go for the ice coffee stat!

  11. My cousin used to live in Itacha, NY when she was a grad student at Cornell. I went down there about 6 years ago for her graduation. It’s a quaint little town.

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