Two Epic Runs.

In the past week, two unbelievable runs took place nearly 6,000 miles apart.

Matthew Maton

Photo Credit: Cameron Shultz

Photo Credit: Cameron Shultz

In Oregon, Matthew Maton became the 6th high schooler to break 4 minutes in the mile. He ran a blazing final lap to finish in 3:59.38 – the third fastest time ever. In the race, Oregon runners Eric Jenkins (3:57.09) and Will Geoghegan (3:57.53) set the pace – fittingly, Maton will attend the University of Oregon in the fall.

Earlier this year, Maton ran 3:42.52 for 1500m. That broke Galen Rupp’s state record and got people buzzing. In fact, the meet on Friday evening drew nearly 6,000 people – not bad.

You can watch Matthew’s run here.

Joe Fejes


In Hungary, Joe Fejes participated in a six-day race that he called “The Hungary Games.” Over the course of those six days, he completed 975.654km (606.243 miles). In other words, he averaged more than 100 miles/day for six straight days.

As far as I can tell, this is the third greatest performance by an American at a 6-day race. Here are the top 3:

1. James Albert Cathcart 1000.613 km (February 1, 1888)
2. Patrick Fitzgerald 981.703 km (May 3, 1884)
3. Joe Fejes 975.654 km (May 12, 2015)

** Yes, those dates are correct **

Only 11 people in history have completed 1,000 km in 6 days. There is no doubt in my mind that Joe will become the 12th person on that list.

Full results of the Hungary 6-day race are available here.

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4 Responses to Two Epic Runs.

  1. piratebobcat says:

    And don’t forget – in Dallas, I ran like 40 miles over the course of 6 days last week.

  2. Wow, this is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  3. So amazing! I can’t even imagine!!!! 😮

  4. Amazing accomplishments. I still can’t believe anyone can run a mile under 4 minutes.

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