Cool Sandals, Man.


This is a story that I picked up from the U.S. National 24-Hour Running Team. One of the athletes on the team, Greg Armstrong, runs in sandals! Specifically, he runs in the Teva Tanza. Sometimes, he uses them with socks to reduce the occurrence of blisters.

Greg says that he is regularly ridiculed, but he lets his results do the talking. At the 24-hour World Championships, he covered 141.67 miles in 24 hours. Greg qualified for the team by completing 145 miles at the Around the World 24 Hour in Lebanon, Tennessee.

What is the most unusual thing that you do/wear while running?

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4 Responses to Cool Sandals, Man.

  1. Maybe not that unusual, but I like beer in the later miles of a marathon! Not like a whole beer, but a few sips for sure. I always drink it – even on the days I’ve run PRs, etc. Love it.

  2. OmniRunner says:

    I wore snow shoes for a 5K this winter. Never ran in them before and had not worn them at all in 12 years.
    I did have a cup of beer before my 5K last weekend. They were setting up the tables for after the race. They were there, so I had to have one.
    Cheers – Andy

  3. That is so funny!! Not super fashion conscious but whatever works right? 🙂 when I was in Canada recently I would go running every day in my huge snowcoat and my pyjama pants, so ridiculous but no point buying running gear that I will never wear down under! Remember I am a student! 🙂

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