KT Tape.

So many colors!

So many colors!

My quads are an ongoing nuisance but I’ve been throwing everything at them and hoping that something helps. Lucky for me, I’ve found a few things that have allowed me to keep training (sadly, not for the duration or at the intensity I would like).

KT Tape was one of the first things I tried because it’s easy, quick and relatively cheap. I swung by Fleet Feet and picked up a few strips to try it out.

Next, I watched this handy, dandy YouTube video on how to apply it:

There are helpful videos for just about every body part!


I used it for my race and it definitely helped. I’ve pretty much been using it ever since. Not only that, you can keep it on for up to a week – although I’ve been keeping it on for a little bit less because it gets a funk.

Modeling some KT Tape at my race last weekend

Modeling some KT Tape at my race last weekend

Have you ever tried KT Tape or a different kind of tape? How did you like it?

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5 Responses to KT Tape.

  1. Jessica @ VEGGIE RUNNING MOMMA says:

    Never tried it before.. I’ve heard lots of great things about it though.!! you should have gotten the pink one ;P

    • Jason says:

      For your information, I was going to get pink! But I didn’t because it clashed with my racing shirts and I didn’t want to commit a fashion faux pas on the trails!

  2. Jimmy K says:

    KT Tape is probably the worst athletic tape you can buy. It simply doesn’t stick very well. The best brands are ROCKTAPE and STRENGTHTAPE! I mean, the difference is absolutely mind boggling. Plenty of cool colors and designs, as well. Seriously, big difference in quality!

  3. I’ve never tried it but it looks super pretty! 🙂 glad it works for you!

  4. hmetz20 says:

    I’m a big fan and find the tape very helpful for many types of issues! Hope your quads get better!

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