A Busy Weekend

The News

Stephanie Howe and Alex Varner photo credit: Bryon Powell/iRunFar

Stephanie Howe and Alex Varner
photo credit: Bryon Powell/iRunFar

There were several big events going on over the weekend. Two events really captured my attention. First, the Lake Sonoma 50 was on Saturday. Last year, the race was a thriller that came down to the wire. This year, it was a romp. Alex Varner raced to a course record in 6:09:39 and Stephanie Howe snagged a record of her own in 7:08:23.

*** There was one finisher before Alex, as seen below. However, he missed several checkpoints along the course and was disqualified.


Full results of Lake Sonoma are available here.


Meanwhile, nearly 6,000 miles away, the 24-Hour World Championships were taking place in Turin, Italy. You would think that running in circles (the course included a track and the total loop distance was 1700m) for twenty-four hours would be boring, but the race was marred by an electrical outage and an unrelated fire – no worries, everything was fine.

The American women dominated. They took 1st, 2nd and 4th overall.


The team scoring is based on the top three runners from a country – therefore, the American women won the team competition handily.


The American men came in 8th, 9th and 41st.


They came in 4th in the team competition.


The overall female champion, Katalin Nagy, managed about 152 miles in twenty-four hours, while the male champion, Florian Reus, took down about 164 miles.

Robbie Britton, the third place finisher, climbed on the podium and covered up the Nike swooshes on his uniform in protest of them sponsoring repeat drug offender Justin Gatlin. For more on that, click here.


Race Results

I might be racing this weekend. I’m not sure. I’ve been battling an injury over the last week. I’ll probably decide by Wednesday. It’s been forever since I’ve raced, and I would definitely like to get back out there, especially since the weather has finally improved!


My Training

My training was going well until Monday when my right quad decided to call it quits on me. I’ve never had a quad strain before (and hopefully I’ll never have one again). I took three days off. Unfortunately, that turned an 80-mile training week into a 40-mile training week. However, now that I’m older and wiser, I knew to rest it. After all, a 40-mile week is still better than numerous 0-mile weeks.


When is your next race?

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3 Responses to A Busy Weekend

  1. Jessica @ VEGGIE RUNNING MOMMA says:

    80 mile week..augh that’s crazy. I usually do about 40, but I’ve been lazy lately, but 40 is definitely enough for me. ha.
    Hopefully you race this weekend.!! 🙂 I haven’t raced in forever either. Forever being last October, so I’m definitely looking forward to my May 17th half marathon.!

  2. Dan Button says:

    I’ve kept forgetting to check results from LS50 and just made a mental note to check your blog, so thanks! Hope the quad heals quick, would be nice to get out there this weekend, looks like it will be good weather.

  3. Shawna says:

    hope you heal up quickly and can tackle the race, but take care of yourself. my next race is the Brooklyn Half on May 16 — third year in a row doing it and i LOVE this race, so i’m stoked, and actually committed to training for this one — let’s hope Vegas doesn’t throw that off. whoops.

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