VDOT Running Calculator


Howdy! Today’s post is about a nifty app that I was introduced to this morning. It’s called VDOT Running Calculator and it was designed with Jack Daniels. If anyone knows about training and racing, it’s Jack.

I downloaded the app and started with the calculator. I haven’t done a lot of road racing lately, so I punched in a half marathon time from last year. The calculator informed me I had a VDOT of 62.

What is VDOT?

According to the app, VDOT is a score or measure of a race performance. It assesses fitness level, determines proper training paces and an equivalent race performance at a different race distance.

Why Is This Useful?

The calculator informed me that my easy pace is 6:56-7:21/mile, my marathon pace is 6:03/mile, my threshold pace is 5:45/mile, my interval pace is 5:17/mile and my repetition pace is 4:53/mile (the app also includes definitions of these terms).

Not only does the app help you out with training paces, it includes equivalent times for other distances. For example, my half marathon time is equivalent to a 2:38:50 marathon, a 16:33 5k, etc. I think this is extremely useful on the roads, because the calculator does the work in terms of letting you know what pace to start at.


Some of this info is available in other places on the web. Also, there are other equivalency calculators out there that are slightly different (McMillan has one that I’ve used in the past). With that being said, I think this is a useful tool to have on your phone – and it’s free!


How do you feel about running “calculators” – helpful or not helpful?

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4 Responses to VDOT Running Calculator

  1. Jessica @ VEGGIE RUNNING MOMMA says:

    I love running calculators. I think they’re useful and fun to play around with. what’s your half marathon time than, like a sub 1:20.? crazyy

  2. Interesting! I kind of want a Jack and coke now.

    I’ve use race predictor calculators online to see what I can expect to run in my first half marathon based on my recent 10k times. Hopefully they are accurate!! We will see..

  3. Very cool! I will have to try this 🙂 I haven’t done a race before and would love to know what my face pace should be 🙂

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