F*ck This. I’m Going Running: The Ryan Hall Game


I have a love/hate relationship with Ryan Hall. I love him. And I hate him. He’s the Tim Tebow of distance running. Seems like a good guy. Acts like a good guy. I can’t really say anything bad about him. BUT…

With that being said, I’ve combined by love/hate for Ryan with a giveaway!

This Sunday is the L.A. Marathon (it’s going to be 91 degrees). It doubles as U.S. Marathon Championships. That means there is some serious $$$ on the line (the total prize purse is $260,000). Not only that, everyone and their brother/sister is shooting for an Olympic Trials qualifier… but this isn’t about them. It’s about Ryan Hall.

In 2011, Ryan ran 2:04:58 at the Boston Marathon (wind-aided). Ever since, his career has had a downward trajectory. However, in September, he picked up a new coach. Not just any coach. Jack Daniels. THE coach.

The Game

– Predict Ryan Hall‘s marathon time and leave it below in the comments.

(If you don’t think Ryan will finish, you can predict DNF, but if you predict DNF, do not put a time)

The Tiebreaker

Sara Hall will be making her marathon debut. Predict her time and put it next to Ryan’s time. This will only be used if there is a tie.


– Ryan: 2:09:59 Sara: 2:39:59 OR
– Ryan: DNF Sara: 2:41:59

***It does not matter if you go over – you simply want to be as close as possible***

(If both Ryan and Sara DNF, do twenty push-ups on your knuckles while cursing them under your breath)

The Prize

Fuck This. I'm Going Running. Courtesy of Scott Spitz

Fuck This.
I’m Going Running.
Courtesy of Scott Spitz

– The three closest guesses will get a “Fuck This. I’m Going Running.” bumper sticker (as seen above).

Nothing to do on Sunday morning? Watch the L.A. Marathon here.

Good luck!

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17 Responses to F*ck This. I’m Going Running: The Ryan Hall Game

  1. klregan says:

    This is pretty hilarious. Given the temps predicted in LA, I’m gonna go with:

    Ryan: 2:19:41 Sara: 2:48:29

    Should be a fun race to watch!

  2. OmniRunner says:

    Ryan Hall – 2:06

  3. Ugh I have a mostly hate relationship with Ryan Hall. I can’t even go into it because it makes my blood pressure rise but…overhyped is all I will say. And stop making excuses when your performances reflect the fact that you haven’t stuck with a training plan in years. And what he said about being responsible for Meb’s win…Ok, so I did start. Ryan Hall 2:18:04, Sara Hall 2:41:15.

  4. Ryan: 2:13:10 Sara 2:42:23

  5. LOL I love this post…Ok, here goes…
    Ryan 2:22;23 Sara 2:42:02

  6. Amy says:

    I’m playing the odds here:
    Ryan DNF
    Sara 2:47:29

  7. Ryan 2:28:46, Sara 2:48:46 (I’ve only been running a little over three years, so I wasn’t overly aware of Ryan Hall until Meb won Boston and I kept seeing Hall given credit. I’ll have to read more up on him now!) 🙂

  8. Ryan 2:13:58 Sara 2:36:54

  9. Ryan 2:04:56 sara 2:34:23

  10. Hah – love this.
    Ryan 2:11:57 Sara 2:44:15

  11. Martha B says:

    What a fun game!
    I call Ryan at a 2:05:00 flat. Sara: 2:38:02
    Seriously, why isn’t betting on running a more widespread sport? I think I might hang up my shoes and become a bookie.

    • Jason says:

      You should! It used to be extremely popular – huge outdoor meets were held in Madison Square Garden (when it was an outdoor facility) and the papers would list the odds and what not… not sure why you can’t bet here anymore 😦

  12. foxrunsfast says:

    Haha – this is hilarious. I also have a love/hate relationship with Ryan Hall. I just want him to either FINALLY make a comeback and crush it or just go away.

    I’m gonna guess 2:16:28 for Ryan and 2:42:10 for Sarah.

    Glad I’m not running LA though – it’s gonna be HOT.

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