Where’s Spring?


The News

It was a pretty quiet week. I think everyone is trying to make that transition from indoor track/off-season to outdoor track/marathon/trail season. Unfortunately, here in the Northeast, the weather isn’t cooperating!

As I pointed out prior to the weekend, one of the local cross country teams was featured on The Today Show. The segment is about five minutes long and you can watch it here. It’s a pretty inspriring story – I encourage you to watch it.

In other news, iRunFar is having a huge sale. I don’t highlight every sale I see, but this one stands out to me, as there are some great items for a fantastic price. I encourage you to check it out for clothing, shoes, hydration, accessories, etc.


You may recognize Scott Spitz – he was recently on the cover of Runner’s World. He is selling some pretty great stickers. They’re $1 each. If you’re interested, paypal him at “morexfire@gmail.com” – let him know your address and how many you want. Throw in a buck or two for shipping. Please and thank you.

Over the weekend, I ordered a couple of snacks from The Feed. One of my favorite things about The Feed is that you can order how much or little of something you want. I’ve mentioned it here before, but since it’s a slow week, I’m plugging it again. Fun fact: The Feed doesn’t give me anything to say nice things about it.

Upcoming Races

The last indoor track meet is March 14th. I think I’ve got a pretty quick 3000m saved up for it. After that, the Springtime 10k is on April 18th. Maybe the snow will be gone by then. Maybe.

My Training

My training is swell. I’m almost 7% ahead of last year’s mileage and I’ve been able to incorporate some decent speed despite the terrible weather. The only area where I’m lacking is long runs. I managed 16.5 miles on Saturday, and honestly, I was cold the entire time. The temperature didn’t get out of the teens. Is 30 degrees too much to ask for?

How’s your training going?

Any races coming up?

Keep running!

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4 Responses to Where’s Spring?

  1. veryrach says:

    training is slow! Sunday was a bust with all the snow, and I was really counting on it! But today feels like spring and I’m loving it! I have 2 more 5k’s in a 3-race series coming up. One this weekend, another on 3/21. I can’t wait for daylight savings!!!!!

  2. Those stickers are awesome!!

  3. Maria Mintz says:

    My PT at the hospital is a marathon runner, now following your blog.

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