2015 Is In Full Swing!

The News

A week or two ago, there were hardly any races going on – now, there are races everywhere!

The Tarawera Ultramarathon was held over the weekend in New Zealand. Americans took three of the top 5 spots in the men’s race:

(1) Dylan Bowman – 7:44:58
(2) Jorge Maravilla – 8:01:45
(3) Yoshikazu Hara – 8:12:14
(4) Vajin Armstrong – 8:26:50
(5) Michael Wardian – 8:32:38

In the women’s race, the top 2 were together at 90k, but Ruby Muir managed to pull away for the win. In the process, many of the top women took down the old course record. Here are the top five:

(1) Ruby Muir – 9:02:45
(2) Ruth Croft – 9:14:36
(3) Núria Picas – 9:40:49
(4) Fiona Hayvice – 9:57:33
(5) Kovo MacDonald – 9:57:45


The Sean O’ Brien 100k was also held over the weekend. This is the second race in the Montrail Ultra Cup series. That means the top two fellas and the top two gals snag a spot for Western States (The top two female and top two male finishers in each individual Ultra Cup Series Event will automatically qualify for entry into the Western States 100 event. If the first or second place participant is already in Western States or decides not to enter, the automatic bid will slide to third place, fourth place, and subsequently down to fifth place as needed – no places below fifth will be accepted).

Here are the results:

(1) Ryan Smith 8:41:41
(2) Seth Swanson 8:57:06
(3) Jorge Pacheco 9:09:28
(4) Christopher Wehan 9:18:38
(5) Ruy Ueda 9:43:41

(1) Magdalena Boulet 9:51:27
(2) Anita Ortiz 10:40:58
(3) Silke Koester 11:11:58
(4) Luanne Park 11:35:07
(5) Darla Askew 11:40:55

Full results of the Sean O’ Brien 100k are available here.


The next race in the Montrail Ultra Cup series is the Black Canyon 100k, which is being held this Saturday in Arizona. Since it is a Western States qualifier, there is an extremely competitive field (Michael Daigeaun, Jacob Puzey, Ryan Ghelfi, Catlow Shipek, Hal Koerner, Jason Wolfe, Kaci Lickteig and Michele Yates to name a few). The full entrants list is available here.


The Millrose Games is this weekend! TV coverage starts at 6pm on NBCSN. It directly conflicts with the Syracuse/Duke basketball game – normally, this would anger me. However, Syracuse basketball LOL

As always, the coverage is sexist. There are 8 women’s events covered, compared to 9 men’s events (and one of the women’s events is the “NYRR Fastest Kid On The Block”). Not only that, the high school girls’ mile is not covered on NBCSN. I think that is such a disservice when those girls are potentially the future of American middle-distance running. Anyhow, rant over.

The participating athletes and their respective events are available here.

As always, the men’s and women’s miles have stacked fields (Bernard Lagat, Mary Cain and company). Also, be sure to check out Martin Hehir in the men’s 3000m – the Syracuse senior ran 3:59.81 for the mile at the end of January. Finally, watch Mike Brannigan in the high school mile.

My Upcoming Races

I’m going to race the 3000m (indoor) again on Sunday. It’s the second-to-last meet of the season and it should be a good speed workout.

My Training

Training has been a challenge. There is a ton of snow, which has made sidewalks and roads unsafe at best and impassable at worst. Not only that, it has been cold and it’s going to get even colder! The high temperature on Friday is going to be 8F, and on Sunday, the high is -1F!! Ugh! Is it Spring yet?!

Keep running!

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One Response to 2015 Is In Full Swing!

  1. pauldburton says:

    Yes, we are getting colder here too. Just put on an extra layer… 🙂

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