Taming the Beast.

Daven Oskvig, en route to victory Photo Credit: Ron Heerkens Jr.

Daven Oskvig, en route to victory
Photo Credit: Ron Heerkens Jr.

Earlier this week, I mentioned the [Winter] Beast of Burden Ultramarathon.

I’ve had a chance to go through the results, and I wanted to give a shout-out to Daven Oskvig. In the conditions pictured above, Daven ran 5:51:29 (7:01/mile) to win the 50-mile race. He took the victory by more than an hour.

Daven has been rocking the western/central New York ultra scene for several years now. He has many impressive performances, but in my opinion, this takes the cake. Sure, it was on a towpath, but it was partially covered in snow. And it was freezing!

Full results of the Winter Beast are available here.

What do you think? What, in your opinion, makes a performance impressive?

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5 Responses to Taming the Beast.

  1. Tim says:

    You’re absolutely right. He also smashed Jim Mollosky’s course record by over half an hour. And what’s most impressive is that based on when we saw him, he ran pretty much even splits for the whole race (he confirmed this later). That kind of pacing and control is what really blew me away.

  2. runsonsyrup says:

    I’ve “raced with” Daven on a few occasions (by “raced with,” I mean “never even saw him because he dusted me so bad”) and I think he is amazing. Impressive performances… hmmm… I think it’s specific for every situation. Folks who can run three hour marathons impress me, but so does my mom when she knocks out 20 full minutes of running at a 15 minute pace. It’s all relative.

  3. wanderwolf says:

    That consistency is beautiful.

  4. Amazing performance by Daven at the 50 mile Beast! Great way to start the year.

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