The Winter Beast.


The News

As I mentioned last week, the Dubai Marathon was on Friday. Lemi Berhanu won the men’s race in 2:05:02 and Aselefech Mergia won the women’s race in 2:20:02 (she only won by one second). Notably, Kenenisa Bekele dropped out around 30k with an Achilles tendon injury. Hopefully, it’s nothing too serious.

The Beast of Burden ultramarathon was Saturday/Sunday in Lockport, New York. The race was run on snow with very chilly temps. Not only that, but it’s a late morning start, so the majority of the race is run in the dark. Steve Parke was the overall winner in 17:09:05.

If cold weather (and I mean cold!) isn’t your thing, the summer Beast is scheduled for August 8, 2015.

Full results of the winter Beast are available here.


As a kid, I collected baseball cards. I don’t buy them very often anymore, but I will definitely be adding Meb to my collection! Believe it or not, this is not Meb’s first baseball card. He was also included in the 2010 Allen and Ginter series. And now you know… I’m a dork.


Do you have any sports collectibles or memorabilia?

I also enjoyed this story from the other day in Runner’s World. You often hear about tragedies at races – runners who collapse and die. Greg Wolpert collapsed at the Naples Half Marathon on January 18th within yards of the finish line. He was clinically dead, but thanks to the proper administration of CPR and a quick response by EMS (who used an advanced life support defibrillator), Greg is okay. In fact, he was home from the hospital just a couple of days later.

My Upcoming Races

I enjoyed the last indoor track meet that I did so I’m considering another meet on February 15. Stay tuned.

My Training

Training is going well! I went over 200 miles for the year yesterday, which is a nice total. At this time last year, I was at 191 miles – so I’ve done about 7% more mileage. I’ve also incorporated a lot more speedwork than last year. It’s going to be cold this week – really cold! Hopefully, I can keep it up.

Keep running!

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5 Responses to The Winter Beast.

  1. runsonsyrup says:

    I ran the Summer Beast this past summer. It’s a great race with fabulous volunteers! Highly recommended!

  2. Dan Button says:

    Watched Dubai live, was worth missing out on some sleep. Both women’s and men’s fields had people through 15k in WR pace. So exciting to watch that pace with such effortless looking form, took plenty of mental notes.

    Also, like the training update! This is the time of year to build up and get faster/stronger! I’m at 321 for miles in January, with a long run planned for Saturday, this well could become my biggest month yet at just shy of 400. Fitting start to a new year I say! Good luck with training!

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