What’s News?

photo credit: Michael Steele

photo credit: Michael Steele

The News

Paula Radcliffe announced that she will be running the London Marathon as her final marathon. At this point, she is not on the list of elite entrants. I am hoping that she will join the list at some point. However, there is the possibility that she will participate in the race for charity – a so-called victory lap, if you will.

In related news, the London field is stacked on both the men’s and women’s sides. I’ll get into that more as the race approaches.

Kenenisa Bekele will be racing in the Dubai Marathon on Friday. It will be his third marathon. His biggest challenge will probably come from Lelisa Desisa. The winners in Dubai take home $200,000, with another $100,000 possible if there is a world record. Bekele has now run a pair of 2:05s. I know he can go faster. You know he can go faster. He knows he can go faster… but will he go faster?

UTMB had its annual lottery. The results of it can be found here. Sage Canaday will be making his 100-mile debut, which will be interesting to watch.

My Results

On Saturday, I saw there was an indoor track meet at Manley Field House, which is really close to where I live. I decided to jump into the 3000m for a good speed workout.

The indoor track at Manley is 3 lanes, 257m and circular. It’s different. I ran 9:49 for 3000m (5:16/mile). Considering it’s January and I’ve done very little speed work, I’m happy with that performance!

My Upcoming Races

No changes here. I’m still about three months out from my first road race of the year (CNY Springtime 10k).

My Training

My training is going okay. I cut back a tiny bit last week. Every winter I get heel fissures that are actually quite painful. Anyhow, I’m working on getting that straightened out, and I look forward to increasing my mileage soon.

Also, it’s been cold. Really cold. While I have no problem going out when it’s 0 degrees, I usually limit my runs to about an hour. Better safe than sorry!

Keep running!

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