New Year’s Resolutions


1) Eat healthier. I was pretty good in 2014, but I still think there is room for improvement. That means no soda, no candy and no alcohol until after my goal races – yikes!

2) The return of speed workouts. In 2014, as I transitioned to ultras, I was worried about getting injured so I cut back on speed workouts. Unfortunately, this had an adverse impact on my racing. For 2015, I feel the need, the need for speed!

3) Sleep. I say this every year and it never happens. BUT, maybe this will be the year!

4) Read. Perhaps this doesn’t relate directly to running… then again, maybe it does. Either way, I need to do more reading in 2015.

5) Rest days. I was pretty good about rest days in 2014. With that being said, I think there is a little room for improvement.

6) Go out slower in races! I was new to ultra running this year and I made some rookie mistakes. I will make better decisions in 2015!

7) Get another tattoo! Sorry, Mom.

8) Drink more water. Drink less coffee. Well, if I can get this one half right, I’ll consider it a success.

9) Run some new trails. 2014 introduced me to some new trails and they were pretty excellent. I look forward to branching out more in 2015.

10) Keep blogging! 2014 was my first year blogging and it was pretty awesome. I hope you keep following along in 2015!

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5 Responses to New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Maria Mintz says:

    #7 is upsetting to me, but if it must be, I hope you’ll get it from the place in Ithaca where Dad went so the quality will be better.

  2. aggieruns says:

    I just love your blog.

    Good luck with your resolutions in 2015. I also want to cut sugar out of my life but not totally (is that even possible?!?!)….lol.

    SLEEP – yes. I don’t know what happened to my sleep life in 2014. I need it back.

    Happy running.

  3. Yes, yes and a big yes to #7! Happy New Year!!

  4. Robin K says:

    1) No alcohol? or candy? ever???? whoa, dude.
    4) What are you currently reading?
    7) Ooh ooh, what’s it gonna be?
    9) same 🙂 2015 is going to be the year of trails, hopefully at least once a week, and I’m pretty stoked.
    10) I really like your blog! Keep it up for sure. You have a great mix of personal stuff – and it’s always interesting to read about the training of speedy but “normal” people – and also pro runner/racing news. I’ve learned a lot about ultra and trail runners by reading here. (Oh and nbd I had lunch at a table next to Magda Lewy Boulet today. The Bay Area is pretty great 😉 )

  5. OmniRunner says:

    Good goals. I need to read more also, and not just more blogs! Fyi I’m reading this on a smart phone and it did not resize very well. I think it went to 1 pt font. Is the theme your using responsive?

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