2015 Predictions


Men’s (Road)

More Meb. Meb turns 40 at the beginning of May – but I don’t expect him to slow down! He will be competitive in every race he enters, and I expect him to be ready for Olympic Trials in February 2016.

Women’s (Road)

Molly Huddle starts to move up in distance. We already saw Molly Huddle run a half marathon in 2014 and it was impressive (1:09:04). She’s doing the NYC Half again and I expect her to race 10,000m at Worlds. This will probably guide her toward the 10,000m at Rio in 2016, but after that, I think it will be all about the marathon.

Men’s (Ultra)

An American wins UTMB. Of course, on the women’s side, Americans have done great! Krissy Moehl has won twice, Rory has won twice and Nikki Kimball has won once. However, the fellas are still looking for their first winner. I think this will be the year. Rob Krar has shown some interest in the race, but I’m not sure the course is well-suited to his strengths. I’m putting my money on Sage. I actually think the course is a great fit for him. Also, I’m hoping that he comes back with some new I.P.A. recommendations!

Women’s (Ultra)

The rise of Julia Stamps Mallon. Julia was an amazing high school runner in the 90s. In 1994, she won Foot Locker Championships, running 16:41 on the 5k course. She was an All-American at Stanford before suffering a serious injury in March 2001. Stamps has competed at the elite level on and off since then, and this month, in San Francisco, she completed her first ultra. She ran 8:24:28 for 50 miles, which placed her right behind another ultra rookie, Alicia Shay. She was more than an hour behind Magdalena Boulet, but I think she is definitely one to watch in 2015.

What are your predictions for 2015?

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