2014: My Races


I listened to a great podcast over the weekend that featured Ann Trason. She mentioned that she likes everything in threes – so in honor of Ann, my year-end summary will include three “things” from each race I did (highlights, lowlights, lessons, fun facts, etc.). Let’s take it from the top!

Chilly Chili 5k

1) You are probably better off smoking a pack of cigarettes than running 5:49/mile pace when the wind chill is -7 degrees (F).
2) Don’t be afraid to use spikes on icy roads!
3) This was my first race with the Strong Hearts Run Club – such a great group of people!

Lake Effect Half Marathon

1) I set a half marathon PR! (1:15:55).
2) This new-to-me race was lots of fun and this is definitely a PR course if the weather cooperates.
3) Having a solid performance early in the year can be a great confidence booster!

Tipp Hill Shamrock Run

1) It doesn’t matter if you are racing 4 miles or 40 miles – if you go out too fast, you will pay for it.
2) This was a reminder that I really don’t like races with lots of people.
3) I’m going to take a pass on this one in 2015.

Dar 10k

1) I signed up for this one on a whim – and I won!
2) Syracuse can still be really cold at the end of April.
3) While ultras are great, short trail races can still be really fun!

Mountain Goat Run

1) This might have been my best race of the year.
2) This seems like a hilly course – until you cross paths with one designed by Ian Golden.
3) I will be running the goat in 2015 – I’ve done it so many times that it has become a useful tool in assessing my fitness level.

Cayuga Trails 50

1) My first 50-miler!
2) I went out too fast, finished too slow and ran just right in the middle…
3) I will be back in 2015 with an improved strategy and better execution!

Cazenovia 4th of July 10-Miler

1) Ten miles might be my best distance.
2) Racing one month after a 50-miler is hard.
3) Coming in 4th place isn’t fun.

Green Lakes 50k

1) Remember, there’s always another race.
2) When you don’t feel like eating – suck it up and do it.
3) Apparently, I don’t like running in the rain.

Virgil Crest 50-Miler

1) Train specific.
2) Train specific.
3) Train specific (you get the idea).

Mendon Trail Run 50k

1) My first DNF.
2) Racing while sick is hard.
3) Don’t race while sick.


2014 was a good year. It was my first year running ultras and it went as expected. I ran my first marathon in June 1999 and it took me about 14 years to reach my potential (or at least a place that I felt comfortable with). I’m hoping that I can progress a little faster with ultras since I’m not getting any younger.

I managed about 2900 miles on the year. I’ll probably add a few more next year, but as always, I’m more concerned with quality than quantity. I didn’t get injured in 2014, which is AWESOME. I have some theories on this that I will share in a later post.

I’m really looking forward to 2015 – I’ll see you on the roads/trails!

Happy New Year!

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8 Responses to 2014: My Races

  1. Shawna says:

    you are so fast! that half marathon pace = swoon.

  2. Love this 3 things trend!
    I for one can’t fathom #1 – running a 5:49 pace at all. #2 – running any distance with a windchill below zero!
    I had no idea this was your first year of ultras – you sound so experienced! I’m excited to see what you do in 2015 – hopefully some sweet PRs come your way 🙂

  3. Love this post! And WOWSA on your PR!!!! Way to go! Sorry to hear about the DNF, but you are right, racing while sick is hard. Happy New year!

  4. aggieruns says:

    WOW, what a great recap! Congrats on winning a race and running tour first 50K. Also, you ran 2,900 miles in 2014. I can’t imagine….wow, intense. I just read about Kara Goucher’s husband’s group (Run The Edge). They are challenging eveyone to run 2,015 miles in 2015. I was wondering if I could do it especially since you can actually team up with people rather than run all 2,015 miles by yourself. Hmmm….the info is here on their facebook page – http://fb.me/1twGqROdO. Happy New Year!

  5. Mike Daigeaun says:

    Love the 3 things approach.

  6. Congratulations on a great and injury-free running year:) All the best for 2015.

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