2014 American Runners of the Year (Ultra)

photo credit: Ian Corless

photo credit: Ian Corless

Sage Canaday

Wow, this was a tough one. First, here is an overview of Sage in 2014:

  • Carlsbad Marathon (2nd place – 2:22:15)
  • Tarawera Ultra Marathon in New Zealand (1st place):
  • Lake Sonoma 50 miler (3rd place)
  • Transvulcania 45-miler (3rd place)
  • The North Face Endurance Challenge 50km Costa Rica (1st place)
  • Mt. Washington (3rd place)
  • Speedgoat 50km (1st place)
  • Pikes Peak Ascent (1st place)
  • The Rut 50km (2nd place)
  • Les Templiers 46 miler (4th place)
  • The North Face 50-miler (1st place)

    That is ten podiums in one year! Not only that, his one miss – Les Templiers – was by less than two minutes. Sage showed tremendous versatility in 2014, and his final win at The North Face was over an unprecedented elite field. While Sage didn’t test the waters at 100 miles, he regularly took on the best runners in the world.

    Why was this a tough decision? There was a fella named ** Rob Krar ** that won Western States, Leadville and Run Rabbit Run (yes, I realize Rob is Canadian, but he lives in the U.S., works in the U.S. and is married to an American). In the end, I was impressed with Sage’s travel schedule, as well as the number of races he participated in. Not only that, after hundreds of miles of racing throughout the year, he was able to beat the best at The North Face.


    Magdalena Boulet

    This was another tough decision. While there were realistically two men to choose from, picking the top women finalists was not as easy. In the end, I decided Magda was the best overall pick. Here’s how she managed to stay busy in 2014:

  • Way Too Cool 50k (1st place)
  • Cayuga Trails 50 (1st place)
  • Overlook Endurance Runs 50k (1st place)
  • Flagline Trail Fest 50k (2nd place)
  • The North Face 50-miler (1st place)

    Magda didn’t race a ton, and several of her races were *cough* relatively short. However, she showed that she can compete with the best. Keep in mind, she is still relatively new to ultras. I’m looking forward to her 2015 schdedule. I hope she competes in some of the more competitive races, and maybe, we will even see her make the jump to hundred milers.

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